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Videos: Fury vs. Chisora II & Crawford vs. Beltran Keys to Victory from Al Bernstein

Credit: Chris Farina - Top Rank

There are big fights on both sides of the pond today, and right here, you can find Al Bernstein’s video analysis, fight previews and Keys to Victory for the two biggest and best. First, we have Bernstein’s analysis and keys for the Tyson Fury vs. Dereck Chisora rematch, and then we have his break down of the Terence Crawford vs. Raymundo Beltran fight from Omaha.

Watch both here and see who he thinks has the best chance to prevail, and how he thinks each fighter will be able to get the edge in his respective fight.

As always, Bernstein first gives some background on the fight, what it means, and how the fighters got here. He then offers his top 3 keys to victory for each man, giving you his thoughts on how they’ll be able to control the action and win the match. Of course, those keys are easier said than done for some fighters.

Lots of great action for fight fans today — that’s something to be thankful for. So be sure to check back with us after the fights for our results, post-fight coverage and everything else.