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Videos: Pacquiao & Clinton on Kimmel, Clinton says Pacquiao a great role model for Philippines

Credit: Chris Farina - Top Rank

It was an evening of politics and pros when Manny Pacquiao and Bill Clinton appeared on the same episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday evening. This was Manny’s eighth appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! dating back to November 3, 2009, on the eve of his knockout victory of Miguel Cotto to claim the WBO welterweight title.

Here, you can watch the videos of Pacquiao and Clinton on Kimmel, including Manny Pacquiao as the March Madness Office Pool Collector, the full interview with Pacquiao, and some remarks from Clinton on Pacquiao.



Kimmel opened the show with a monologue that featured a hilarious Pacquiao-starring commercial. That was followed by a very entertaining interview with President Bill Clinton, who in the first segment endorsed Pacquiao’s rising career as a public servant and his political future

“I hope he [Pacquiao] goes right on up the ladder. I think he’s a great guy and he’s a great role model for the country. He’s very strong and honest,” said Clinton.

The final segment featured Kimmel and Pacquiao discussing his upcoming challenge of Bradley, politics and the expected arrival of his fifth child due, which is due at the end of April.

Check out and enjoy watching all of the videos above from Manny’s recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, including President Clinton’s remarks on Pacquiao.