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Weigh-in results & photos from across the country: Shobox in Phoenix, Joseph Diaz headlines in Fantasy Springs, Locked n’ Loaded

Credit: Esther Lin / Showtime

Shobox weigh-in results

The six fighters who’ll be fighting on ShoBox tonight at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix, Ariz., made weight Thursday on their first attempts inside The Lucky Saloon at Fort McDowell Casino in Fort McDowell, Ariz.

Undefeated Rob “Bravo” Brant (17-0, 11 KOs), of St. Paul, Minn., faces Louis “The Unknown” Rose (13-2-1, 5 KOs), of Los Angeles, in a 10-round bout for the vacant WBC Continental Americas middleweight title in the main event. In eight-round co-features, unbeaten Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller (14-0-1, 12 KOs), of Brooklyn, N.Y., will face Ahror “Aha” Muralimov (14-1, 11 KOs), of Houston, Texas via Uzbekistan, in a heavyweight match and Lavarn “Baby Bowe” Harvell (15-1, 8 KOs) of Atlantic City will face Samuel “The Main Event” Clarkson (16-3, 10 KOs), of Cedar Hills, Texas, in a light heavyweight scrap.

A scheduled fight between unbeaten Filipino prospect Harmonito Dela Torre (16-0, 11 KOs) and Angel “El Gato” Luna (11-1-1, 6 KOs) was cancelled Wednesday due to problems with travel.

The Weights:

  • Brant 158½ lbs
  • Rose 159 lbs
  • Miller 280½ lbs
  • Muralimov 238 lbs
  • Harvell 177 lbs
  • Clarkson 177 lbs


“I’m really excited about this fight. This is definitely the biggest step-up for me in my career, fighting on a premium network and headlining for the first time. At one point, I probably didn’t think it was possible. But it’s what you work for. When you make that step from amateur to pros this is what you work for and where you want to get.

“Rose is a really tough guy, very determined, and you know he wants to win very badly. There are different circumstances and we are on opposite sides of the spectrum; he’s been homeless and knows what can happen if he doesn’t have success. He knows he has to win. He has his defensive flaws and may not have huge power but he is very athletic and must be respected.

“There is no way I take him lightly. Rose knows what he’s fighting for and what another loss could mean. I know what he’s fighting for. I fight for all my reasons, too.

“I’m not going out thinking I need to knock him out or impress anyone. I think, in victory, it will be impressive enough because of the opponent he is. That’s basically my mindset before every fight. I want the win, I know I’ll have to work to beat him but I’m not going to force it. I’ll take the “W” anyway I can.

“I like where I’m at in my career. I feel I’ve been groomed properly and that I’m improving and taking away positives from each guy I fight. I feel I’m becoming more of a puncher-boxer. In the amateurs, I relied on speed and boxing. But in the pro’s you fight differently. I’ve been staying in the pocket more.

“This is going to be a great fight on Friday night.’’


“I keep beating guys I’m not supposed to. I guess I love being the underdog. I love it when people say this and that and that I have no chance.

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. There’s really nothing he can do to beat me. I don’t want to go back to where I was before. This is my opportunity and I can’t let it slip away.

“This fight certainly is another step up, but I feel I am continuing to improve in all areas. I still have my looks, so I haven’t been hit in the face that much. I think my power has been the biggest difference for me. I’m hitting harder than I was before.

“I always work hard. I stay in the gym. I’m very hungry. I think this is my time. Some describe my style as awkward but I consider it more one-of-a-kind. I can box or pressure you. I think tomorrow I will be the pressure guy.

“I feel I’ve fought the better opposition. Give me his opponents and give him my opponents and see how I compare.

“I spar with tough guys. I don’t think he is better than some of the unbeaten guys I’ve fought. Brant can be totally ready but there’s nothing he’s going to be able to do that I won’t be able to do.

“This is my opportunity of a lifetime. I am going to win this fight. I’m not taking anything away from Brant – he’s still a lot better than other guys at this point. It’s going be a very rough fight. My game is to make you mad, get you off your game and then take advantage.

“I’m going to stick with nickname forever – even when I’m known.

“I’m beyond excited about fighting in the main event on ShoBox. This is a tremendous accomplishment for me. I’ve come a long way but I couldn’t have done it without discipline and a ton of hard work.”


“I was born to do this. I was born to kick ass. Some guys play football, some play basketball, but I’m here to hurt you.

“I started to box two years after my kickboxing career. Actually, I made more money kickboxing, but I’m still young so I decided to focus 100 percent on boxing. It’s not that big a transition although some of the basics were different, of course.

At 27, I feel I’ve really honed into what I’m supposed to do. I’m ready to put on a show. I am what the heavyweight division is missing. No one has bought into my story yet, my martial arts background, etc., but once they see me knocking out all these guys, they’ll remember.

“I weigh 280 pounds, but I’m not an out-of-shape 280. I’m strong and mean, solid. I swing for the fences.

‘This is a big step for me, my first eight-rounder, my first time on SHOWTIME. I really want to hurt and impress people. Maybe in a couple more fights I’ll start looking to get in some rounds. But not tomorrow. I want to not just hurt you but destroy you.

“I’m used to fighting shorter guys, I’ve sparred with them for this fight. I’ve done my homework, I’ll be fine and I’m really excited about this fight.

“I have a team that’s been there, I’m the only one who hasn’t. I want this bad, I want to hurt guys every fight, I’m looking for KO’s. I’m not one of those who say ‘if the knockout come, it comes.’ That’s not me at all. I’m not about ‘ifs.’ I’m going to bring it.”


“I know it’s important for me to be aggressive, get inside, give him lots of head movement, stay busy and stay behind the jab. The jab may be the key.

“I lost to Rossy in my last fight but he had a lot of experience and he knows how to survive. So I feel I have a lot to prove in this fight. I can’t afford to make another mistake.

“This is a good fight for me on Friday. I’m confident and ready.

“I’m honored and very excited to be fighting on my first ShoBox. This is such a major opportunity for me. You’re going to see a side of me you’ve never seen.


“This is my biggest opportunity and my toughest fight to date, fighting on ShoBox against Clarkson. It is my introduction to American boxing fans on television so it doesn’t get more exciting than that. I’ve fought two southpaws before and I’ve seen Clarkson, who I know is a good fighter.

“I’ve had management and promotional issues but they are all in the past. I’m ready to fight and want to make a good impression.

“This is also my first eight-rounder, but it is a step-up fight for both of us. I like to box and use movement but I am totally prepared to fight and win.”


“I had great sparring and a lot of positive people around me for this camp. I am in a great place; everything has been great.

“We want and are always looking for the bigger fights, but this is another step, and we’re ready.

“I’ve won six straight fights. After I lost to Jesse Hart, I was listening too much to what others had to say. But now I believe in myself. I feel like my timing, skills, reflexes, everything basically, is better than ever.

“I’m not that familiar with Harvell and I’ve prepared for everything, but mostly I concentrate on what I have to do. I’ve had solid sparring so I’m really prepared for this fight.

“I’ve been knocked down and got up to win. I’ve been cut and won with blood. No one can take my heart away from me win, lose or draw. I’m a fighter. I know what it’s like to deal with adversity and win. I’ll fight anyone.’’

Fantasy Springs Golden Boy Card

Joseph DIAZ JR. vs. Ruben TAMAYO
South El Monte, CA Cuidad Obregon, MEX
17-0 (10 KOs) 23-6-4 (15 KOs)
Weight: 125.6 lbs. Weight: 125.6 lbs.

Paul RITTER vs. Relonzo RICHARD JR.
Newport Beach, CA Lancaster, CA
0-1 Pro Debut
Weight: 253.4 lbs. Weight: 212 lbs.

Frankie GOMEZ vs. Jorge SILVA
East Los Angeles, CA Tijuana, MEX
18-0 (13 KOs) 19-9-2 (15 KOs)
Weight: 150 lbs. Weight: 149.2 lbs.

Alberto FUNDORA vs. Richard ROMERO
Coachella,CA Commerce, CA
5-0 (2 KOs) 3-0 (3 KOs)
Weight: 167.8 lbs. Weight: 167.2 lbs.

Marco MAGDALENO vs. Phillip BOUNDS
Indio, CA Compton, CA
Pro Debut Pro Debut
Weight: 137.8 lbs. Weight: 138.6 lbs.

Glendale, CA Los Angeles, CA
2-0 (1 KO) 1-1
Weight: 145.8 lbs. Weight: 147lbs.

KeAndre GIBSON vs. Thomas HOWARD
St. Louis, MO Trenton, MI
13-0-1 (5 KOs) 8-5 (4 KOs)
Weight: 151 lbs. Weight: 155.4 lbs.

Locked n’ Loaded Weigh-in Results

Talented super bantamweight Isaac Zarate (12-1-1, 2 KOs) of San Pedro, Calif. stars in the “Locked n’ Loaded” main event this Friday, from the Doubletree Hotel in Ontario, Calif. The 24-year-old Zarate faces Heriberto Delgado (11-3, 6 KOs) of Tijuana, Mex. in a fight scheduled for 8-rounds.



In the intriguing co-feature, undefeated heavyweight sensation and knockout kingpin LaRon Mitchell (9-0, 9 KOs) of San Francisco hopes to keep his KO winning streak alive when we meets the equally powerful Quincy Palmer (9-7, 9 KOs) of Little Rock, Ark. (6-rounds).

In the special attraction, former world champion Jhonatan Romero (27-1, 14 KOs) marks his return to the U.S. after winning his last four fights in his native Colombia. Romero meets Arturo Badillo (20-8, 18 KOs) of Mexico in an 8-round fight.