Video: Timothy Bradley-Juan Manuel Marquez Face Off with Max Kellerman

Before Timothy Bradley and Juan Manuel Marquez face off in the ring on October 12th, they Face Off in front of the cameras with host Max Kellerman. In one of HBO’s new big-fight traditions, Face Off sits both guys down at the same table and allows them to talk directly to one another and engage in some mental warfare before the real action on fight night.

Here, you can watch a preview video of the Bradley vs. Marquez Face Off segment.

Official video description:

Bradley and Marquez meet face-to-face outside the ring for this exclusive interview with Max Kellerman. 24/7 Bradley/Marquez debuts Sat., Sept. 28 on HBO. It all leads up to their live pay-per-view fight on Sat., Oct. 12.

Face Off is usually pretty entertaining, but it’s at its best when you have two guys in there who dislike each other. I always reference the Miguel Cotto vs. Antonio Margarito Face Off, when the tension was palpable for everyone watching.

That’s not the case here with Bradley vs. Marquez, but it’s still an interesting segment.

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