Ward & Dawson videos & quotes as showdown approaches

Undefeated WBA, WBC, and RING super middleweight World Champion Andre “SOG” Ward (25-0, 13 KOs) and WBC and RING light heavyweight titleholder “Bad” Chad Dawson (31-1, 17 KOs) both held media interviews yesterday from King’s Boxing Gym in Oakland, CA. Right here, you can watch some videos of what each man had to say, and also check out some of the choice quotes from Ward and Dawson.

Video: Andre Ward & Chad Dawson In Their Own Words

Videos: More from Ward & Dawson

Andre “SOG” Ward

“I’m not angry but I feel a little mean. I feel like I getting ready to go to war. I’m getting ready to put my life on the line. I’m excited about this fight for a lot of different reasons, I’m excited because once again they don’t see it coming. Another opportunity to fight own my home turf. On a major network like HBO. I really don’t have much else to say. They’ve done a lot of talking and we’ve purposely shut our mouths and kept working and we’ll see what’s being said when it’s all said and done.”

“Two champions, you’ve got one guy that’s taking a risk by coming down in weight, in Chad Dawson. You’ve got me who’s taking on a bigger man um, I’m putting up everything I’m bringing all my belts in the ring and they’re all on the line, come Saturday night. So, I’m risking a lot and in this sport you can’t afford to lose. So we’re both risking a lot. So if you can’t appreciate this then I don’t know what to say. This is a fight that you should be able to kick your feet up and get the popcorn ready and just appreciate it. Or, come buy a ticket if you’re in the Bay Area. We’d appreciate that too.”

“Bad” Chad Dawson”

“Victory, I mean going out there and having a good time out there on Saturday night and doing it in a good fashion and beating Andre Ward in a good fashion. Beating him easily, decisively and don’t be surprised if a knockout comes. If you want to be the best you have to beat the best. So I called Andre Ward out, he’s considered to be the best 168 pounder in the world like I said I always thought I could still contend at 168 pounds and this was the right time for me to do it. Show everybody I could make the weight and I that I could beat Andre Ward.”

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