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2010 Knockout of the Year

What was the Best Knockout in Boxing During 2010?

Every boxing fan loves a good knockout. The kind of punch that absolutely crumples somebody down to the canvas, a perfectly thrown shot in a perfect moment of time, forever immortalizing the puncher and the victim in our memories. Last year, Manny Pacquiao provided just such a moment in his resounding win over Ricky Hatton. This year, it was someone else’s turn, and we had to wait all year to see the magic.

Knockout of the Year: Martinez KO2 Williams is Best Boxing Knockout of the Year

In the highly anticipated rematch between Sergio Martinez and Paul Williams, every ounce of wisdom on the subject said to expect another up-and-down, seesaw slugfest, with either man having the capability to bring home the win. The first fight was one of the best fights of 2009, and the rematch promised more fireworks.

Fireworks are what we all got, although not the ones we expected. Instead, we saw Sergio Martinez flatten Paul Williams with a crisp left hand that perfectly found its target, flattening the Punisher and leaving him unconscious before he hit the canvas. The two each had thrown a punch at nearly the same time, but Martinez, with shorter arms, more speed and better form, was able to avoid the punch from Williams while expertly throwing his own, which went unseen before it turned out the lights on its 6’3″ victim.

That punch finished off an amazing year in the career of Martinez, who earlier had captured the middleweight title from Kelly Pavlik, after spending much of the previous year being robbed by judges and referees in various contests. But with a beautiful knockout like Martinez had over Williams, there’s nothing that anyone can do to take it away.

The knockout is all the more amazing considering the level of fighter it was against, and the big fight stage and atmosphere that the rematch commanded. Congratulations to Sergio Martinez on his 2010 knockout of the year win!

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