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2013 Boxing Odds & Ends Awards: 6 Unusual highlights & lowlights for the year that was

Credit: Ed Diller/ DBE

Here at ProBoxing-Fans.com, every year we put together a huge collection of boxing awards. All of the usual suspects are included, such as Fighter of the Year and Knockout of the Year, plus about a dozen other specialties.

But this year, we’re expanding a bit, and offering a collection of extra Odds & Ends Awards. Check out the top 6 unusual highlights and lowlights for the year that was in the world of boxing.

Best Move in the History of Boxing Promotion: DiBella Ditches Hamer Live on Twitter

Lou DiBella is known as a promoter who speaks his mind. He certainly spoke his mind when Tor Hamer quit on his stool for the second time in his career. This occurred when he fought Andy Ruiz. Hamer started the fight out quickly, getting the edge on the highly touted prospect, but then just as quickly began to fade.

Without any particular hardship or taking much, if any, punishment, Hamer decided not to come back out for another round, a move he had already pulled, also in a televised fight. Well, DiBella had seen enough, saying:

“By the way, Tor, you are released. WTF!!!”

Doesn’t get any better than that.

Best Network: Showtime Ousts Big Brother HBO

Showtime sent shockwaves through the sport with its signing of Floyd Mayweather. And by bringing aboard Mayweather, they not only got the fleet of up and coming Mayweather Promotions prospects, but also the huge Golden Boy stable. The network capitalized on its coup in a big way in 2013, not only hosting the Mayweather mega-events, but a slew of major cards. They’ve also been regularly putting on action-packed, four-fight cards, providing a ton of free fights for fans to check out.

In the past, HBO was always the “big brother” — bigger budget, bigger events, and all the best fighters. Now though, Showtime is not only a major player, but they have the edge on their rival.

Best New Place to Fight: Barclays Center in Brooklyn

The brand new Barclays Center in Brooklyn has quickly established itself as the leading boxing venue on the East Coast. Many of those loaded Showtime cards mentioned above have taken place there, usually playing to packed and excited crowds. While they’ve been able to showcase many New York fighters on those cards, those fight fans are also eager to get a chance to see any top fighters.

In years past, it has seemed like Las Vegas and Los Angeles were grabbing all the fights, with an occasional Atlantic City or Madison Square Garden event tossed in. Barclays though is becoming a regular destination and a new go-to choice.

(Still) Worst Place to Fight: Texas

If you agree to fight in Texas, you have to be ready to be screwed, bottom line. It’s our country’s very own “Germany” — a guaranteed trip to an outcome you don’t want, but knew would happen. Whether it’s an awful scorecard, a ridiculous referee, some out of the ring controversy involving drug tests or fraudulent investigations or who knows what else, Texas is a boxing nightmare.

Worst Trend of the Year: Nobody Cares About Making Weight Anymore

Sometimes fighters simply cannot make weight. They tried, they exhausted themselves and sweated out every last drop, but they’re still a pound or two over. Other times, though, fighters simply don’t try to make weight. Or they try for a bit, but then decide they’ve had enough, and that they’ll just take their fine and fight anyway.

The other guy isn’t going to cancel the fight, because then he won’t get paid, either. The networks and the promoters don’t punish anybody. The fans still watch, and then count the win as a win. So why bother making weight, right?

Something needs to be done because this is no longer an occasional incident, it has become a regular thing to expect, and it’s absurd.

Best Ass Kicking We All – Admit It, You Know You Did – Loved Watching: Marcos Maidana Thumps Adrien Broner

Rarely has there ever been such a universal outpouring of joy amongst fight fans while watching one fighter lose as there was when Marcos Maidana handed Adrien Broner his first defeat. Broner deserved the beating for his classless behavior, and he learned the hard way, to the delight of fans everywhere, that you don’t just get to walk into superstardom.