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2013 Boxing round of the year award

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Boxing’s Best Round of the Year in 2013:

Every year in the sport of boxing, there are a handful of individual rounds that stand out above all others. From all-action to high drama, 2013 saw its fair share of memorable three minute segments. With that stated, here are the most memorable rounds from an action packed year in the sport.

2013 Boxing Round of the Year – James Kirkland vs. Glen Tapia Round 3

Boxing fans around the world were salivating when the fight between James Kirkland and Glen Tapia was announced. Styles make fights and the brawling styles of these two fighters pretty much guaranteed action. The fight lived up to its billing and then some. In the third round, these two warriors gave boxing fans a round that will be remembered for some time.

Tapia controlled much of the action in round one but Kirkland came on very strong in the second. The third opened with Kirkland pressing his advantage from the second. He pressured Tapia while landing some vicious shots to the head and body.

For a moment, Tapia appeared ready to go. Instead of wilting to the assault, he opened up and started landing his own power shots. At one point, a staggered Tapia hurt Kirkland coming in with a well-timed uppercut.

With both fighters now staggered, each decided to let their hands go and try to get the other man out. This led to some breathtaking exchanges. At one point, each landed flush left hooks almost simultaneously that wobbled each other.

About half way through the round, Tapia appeared to have punched himself out. Kirkland, also somewhat exhausted, kept pressing the action but not quite as aggressively as earlier.

Just as Kirkland seemed to be seizing momentum again, Tapia landed a terrific left hook towards the end of the round that got Kirkland’s attention. Kirkland immediately opened up and once again a fire fight ensued. The bell sounded seconds later with both still throwing capping off three minutes of incredible action.

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2nd Place – Timothy Bradley vs. Ruslan Provodnikov Round 12

For eleven rounds, Timothy Bradley and Ruslan Provodnikov waged a pitched battle. As the final round approached, it was clear that Bradley was ahead and that Provodnikov would need a knockout to win.

Bradley showed a fighter’s heart all night and despite being ahead came out aggressive in the twelfth. He landed a crisp left hook early in the round and did some good body work in the middle portion. All the while, however, standing in the pocket and giving Provodnikov opportunities to land something big.

With about one minute to go in the round, Provodnikov landed a big left hook that sent Bradley wobbling across the ring. Somehow Bradley stayed up but about 20 seconds later was hit with a flush right hand that once again sent him reeling.

The drama in the ring was clear. If Bradley finished the fight, he won. But his legs were gone and Provodnikov landed two more flush right hands that had Bradley out on his feet. With 12 seconds left in the fight, Bradley made a wise strategic move and took a knee. The referee administered the eight count but once that was complete there was no time left in the fight. Bradley survived one of the most dramatic rounds that will ever be seen and won the fight by decision.

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Omar Figueroa vs. Nihito Arakawa Round 3

Omar Figueroa started round three throwing bombs trying to get Nihito Arakawa out of there. Arakawa, however, refused to take a backwards step and just kept throwing punches himself. It was give and take for much of the round afterwards. Arakawa seemed to daze Figueroa with a perfectly set up left hand with about a minute to go in the round. However, Figueroa was able to shake it off and come on strong at the end landing thudding shots to the head and body. It was non-stop spirited action for three full minutes.

Ruslan Provodnikov vs. Mike Alvarado Round 8

The fight was a pitched battle for the first seven rounds and still hung in the balance heading into round eight. Provodnikov closed the distance to start the round and with a volley of punches sent Alvarado to the canvas. Alvarado would rise but absorbed another vicious assault of punches that once again sent him to the canvas. Once again, Alvarado got up only to absorb a thunderous left hook. Looking beaten, Alvarado courageously let his hands go toward the end of the round and landed his own power shots while taking more from Provodnikov.

Erislandy Lara vs. Alfredo Angulo Round 9

Lara had been boxing effectively from the outside during the middle rounds and started round nine doing the same. About halfway through the round, Angulo landed a perfect left hook that put Lara down. Lara was hurt and Angulo went in digging thunderous punches to the body. Lara somehow managed to withstand the assault and even landed a left hand with 30 seconds left in the round that stunned Angulo. The round ended with the crowd on their feet with the two men exchanging.

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