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2015 Round of the Year

Credit: Tom Hogan - Hogan Photos / GBP

The Best Boxing Round of the Year Award for 2015:

We were blessed in 2015, with plenty of great fights, and plenty of dramatic rounds in those fights. Here’s a look at our pick for the best round of the year in boxing, with one standing out in particular, and many other noteworthy contenders making an appearance as well.

2015 Best Boxing Round of the Year – Francisco Vargas vs. Takashi Miura Round 9

To fully appreciate this round, you have to set the stage. Vargas had started the fight strongly, but Miura had built up all the momentum through the middle rounds.

By the end of the 8th, the right eye of Francisco Vargas was a bulbous, swollen, bloody mess. Miura was firing away at Vargas in the corner at the bell, and it would not have been surprising to see the fight stopped.

Vargas then stormed out at the start of the 9th and sent Miura to the canvas. Miura tumbled over himself several times before getting up on wobbly legs and throwing his hands in the air in exultation.

The crowd went crazy as Vargas and Miura traded winging, heavy blows. The straighter, crisper shots of Vargas began to find their home, and the ref jumped in to wave off the action.

High drama, and a spectacular comeback for the 2015 round of the year.

Round of the Year Runners-Up

Amir Imam vs. Fidel Maldonado Round 3

Maldonado had already tasted the canvas, but at the start of the 3rd, a monster left hand floored the as of then still unbeaten Imam. With about 30 seconds left in the round, Imam returned the favor, sending Maldonado spiraling down to the canvas. Maldonado then got sent down a s econd time. He survived the round but not the fight, with Imam closing the show in the 5th.

Daniel Jacobs vs. Sergio Mora Round 1

The round started slowly, with over a minute and a half ticking away before the action got started. Then Jacobs pummeled Mora with a big right, sending him to the canvas. Mora answered right back, launching a counter left hook that sent Jacobs down. They both continued throwing punches with bad intentions for the rest of the stanza.

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. vs. Andrzej Fonfara Round 9

Fonfara was breaking Chavez Jr down all night. In the 9th, it culminated, first with a left hook that was the first time Chavez Jr. had ever touched the canvas in his career. Chavez Jr. had one last rally in him though, pressing Fonfara back and unloading his own shots. But he wouldn’t get up off the stool for the next round.

Edwin Rodriguez vs. Michael Seals Round 1

These two came out going for it from the start. They rushed at each other and began winging shots. About 30 seconds in, Rodriguez got Seals pinned into the corner and then scored the first knockdown.

Seals got up, winked, and then withstood some incoming fire. One minute into the stanza, he then launched a short, crisp right hand counter that sent Rodriguez down. La Bomba was badly hurt, and stayed down to the count of 8 to give himself some time.

With just 10 seconds left in the stanza, Seals absolutely crushed Rodriguez, sending him down again. Somehow Rodriguez beat the count and luckily was able to recover between rounds. La Bomba rallied to stop Seals in the 3rd.

Julio Cesar Ceja vs. Hugo Ruiz Round 5

Ruiz had registered a knockdown early in the fight. From there, he seemed to largely dictate the action and pace of the fight with his superior size and reach. In Round 5 though, Ceja floored Ruiz with about a minute left. Ruiz tried to fight back but Ceja wouldn’t have it, trapping him in the corner and closing the show.