Home News Adrien Broner has warrants for arrest, fight on April 1st in question

Adrien Broner has warrants for arrest, fight on April 1st in question

Credit: Idris Erba / Mayweather Promotions

Reports surfaced on Thursday that Adrien Broner has multiple warrants out for his arrest. They’re related to a single incident, and he faces charges of both felony assault and aggravated robbery.

The incident in question took place at a Cincinnati bowling alley that Broner is known to frequent. According to reports, Broner either felt he was owed money, or conversely, lost substantial sums of money, after betting on his bowling matches. He then assaulted the other party outside of the bowling alley, and some reports indicate he used a gun to actually rob the other party as well.

In a published story on ESPN, Broner is quoted as saying “I’m good” when asked of the incident.

When Adrien Broner began receiving national attention as an undefeated fighter, he was quite wrongly compared to Floyd Mayweather in terms of his skills and abilities. That was ridiculous from the start, and a clear example of the type of over-hyping and over-reaching that pundits and media alike participate in.

As the disappointments and penchant for controversy became more prominent, the more apt comparison was Zab Judah, an extremely talented fighter who couldn’t stay mentally focused enough in or out of the ring to become a great one.  Now, perhaps, the best comparison is to an athlete in another sport currently going through his own downward spiral – Johnny Manziel.

Like Manziel, Broner just can’t seem to help himself. He was gifted a bogus title in his last outing, coming off of a loss, and then secured a gimme “title defense” in his next fight, a televised headline bout. But he can’t let himself build up any positive momentum. So here we are.

There haven’t been any official updates from the promoters, and as far as we know, Broner has not yet surrendered himself or been arrested. We’ll keep you posted with any other developments on Adrien Broner’s next fight and whether it even takes place.