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Hilarious timing files: Spike TV to air Adrien Broner “Chasing Billions” documentary tonight

Credit: Mark Zerof - Hogan Photos / GBP

Sometimes, timing is just too perfect. Just a day after news broke of Adrien Broner’s pending arrest warrants, Spike TV will air a special tonight on Broner entitled “Chasing Billions”. Apparently Broner’s preferred means of chasing billions these days is robbing people at bowling alleys after gambling on matches.

The documentary special “Chasing Billions” follows Broner as he preps for his fight against Ashley Theophane. The fight is slated for Friday, April 1 from the D.C. Armory in Washington D.C.

Of note is that they said: “Spike’s coverage of the PBC will go on as planned next Friday night.”

The special will delve into the escalating tension emanating from the rivalry between the outspoken and engaging Broner and his former mentor, Floyd Mayweather. Over the years, this complicated relationship has run the gamut from respectful to overtly contentious. While Mayweather may see this as a fight between Theophane and Broner – the hard-hitting Broner emphatically has stated that “I’m not fighting Theophane, I’m fighting Floyd!”

The rivals and their respective entourages come face-to-face in a heated and colorful press conference that showcases the simmering tension between both camps. The storyline plays throughout the show as viewers see how Broner has emulated the legendary Mayweather in and out of the ring to become a world champion and his own successful brand. With full access to both the Broner and Theophane camps and exclusive interviews, “Chasing Billions” will provide an inside look that is must-see TV for any boxing fan.