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Adrien Broner vs. Antonio DeMarco pre-fight quotes

Adrien Broner is preparing for the biggest fight of his career this Saturday night, a showdown against Antonio DeMarco for his WBC lightweight title. Right here, find a collection of pre-fight quotes from Broner and DeMarco as they get ready for the battle this weekend, televised on HBO.

Adrien Broner

“I am very excited to fight in Atlantic City. I was on my toes when Sandy came through, but even Sandy couldn’t stop this fight from going on, so it must have been meant to be.

“I have been training very hard. I want to thank DeMarco and his team for taking the fight and coming to the U.S. to fight me. I know he is a great champion. He is ready and I am ready. It is going to be an electrifying fight and I am ready to go.

“Legacy is very important. It always starts locally. If you don’t have a big name in your hometown, how do you expect to have a name anywhere else? I am trying to go global here.

“Visiting the Boys & Girls Club is something I am looking forward to. I want to put smiles on people’s faces. I want to make someone’s day better. I would do it every day.

“DeMarco is definitely my best opponent so far on paper. It is the biggest fight of my career thus far. I am not looking past anyone. I have to take it one fight at a time.

“I am ready to show my talent. I think this is a fight that I will be able to show a lot more of my skills. In my last fights, even though some of my opponents were ranked, after fighting me, they got downgraded because of my high skill level.

“In boxing, a knockout is a punch away. You always have to be careful.

“DeMarco has fought good guys, but he hasn’t fought me.

“You are going to see a totally different Adrien Broner on Saturday night. I am going to be able to show more of my skills on Saturday night because DeMarco has such talent. They say if one good talent goes up against another good talent, it brings out something in the elite.

“I am a lot stronger than people think and on Saturday, you will see that against DeMarco.

“We are going head over heals, balls to the walls with this one. Let’s go. Rock and roll. It is time to put on a show. You aren’t just coming to see a boxing show, you’re coming to the Adrien Broner Show. It is going to be fun. It is going to be entertaining. There are going to be a lot of smiles. Some might cry, but at the end, they will laugh about it. I want everybody to come out and have a good time. Saturday is going to be a nice night for everybody, family and all.”

Antonio Demarco, WBC Lightweight World Champion

“I am very well prepared because I know Adrien is extremely talented and a great fighter.

“I feel that every opponent of mine is a worthy one and I respect anyone I step into the ring with. This fight is very important for my career as well as for Broner’s career.

“I’ve faced undefeated boxers in the past and I have learned my lessons. I’m coming into the fight ready. I’ve been defeated in the past and that experience has helped me to be ready to succeed this time.

“I’m confident that my training will pay off. I can assure you that we will put on a good show. May the best boxer win.

“Whoever wins this fight will have many opportunities to further his career. I want those opportunities. I want what every boxer wants…recognition and success.

“I only dreamt that I would be world champion one day.

“I am happy to be fighting in Atlantic City. I look forward to charming a new crowd when I step into the ring with Adrien Broner.

“I am glad to be here and I am looking forward to doing what I love to do…fight.”

Oscar De La Hoya, President of Golden Boy Promotions

“In an effort to raise funds for the Hurricane Sandy relief, Golden Boy Promotions is donating $2 for every ticket sold and $1,000 for each knockout registered during the event. We will be donating that money to the Boys & Girls Club of Atlantic City. Caesars Atlantic City and myself, the Oscar De La Hoya Foundation, will match the donations. I am hoping everyone can send that message and raise some money for this cause.

“Adrien Broner is only getting better as his career goes on. He is one of the hardest working fighters in the sport today. He is also known to brush his hair after every victory, rap himself into the ring, and he has already won a title at 130 pounds.

“Not only do we know Adrien as a charismatic fighter, but here is a guy that does wonderful deeds for wonderful people. He went to Iraq to visit the troops for two whole weeks and he is going to the Boys & Girls Club of Atlantic City today. Here is a guy that wants to be great inside the ring and outside of the ring.”

Gary Shaw, President of Gary Shaw Productions

“It is going to be a great event. Antonio DeMarco is a wonderful champion. I believe he is the Mexcian version of Arturo Gatti, who was a fixture in Atlantic City, so I think it is fitting that he come here and defend his world title.

“I am glad Oscar decided to keep the fight in Atlantic City. As a resident of New Jersey, I am proud that we are here to help New Jersey rebound and show how strong New Jersey is.”

Don Marrandino, Eastern Division President for Caesars Entertainment

“Our region really got beaten up by the hurricane. I am happy to report that the city and the casinos are intact. We did a great job cleaning everything up so when the folks get here, they are going to have a great experience.

“We are excited once again to be the host here. We had a fight here with Golden Boy several months ago and it was a terrific experience. We are excited not only for the main event, but also for Seth Mitchell as kind of a local guy and a heavyweight. We are hoping that can develop into something very good for us here in Atlantic City.”