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Allan Green to Appeal Verdict from Johnson KO Win

Allan Green advisor Greg Leon has formally notified the Nevada State Athletic Commission of Team Green’s intent to file an appeal of referee Robert Byrd’s decision to call a halt to his bout this past Saturday evening against Glen Johnson at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.  Johnson was awarded a knockout victory at the close of the eighth round.  Green went to the canvas after being on the receiving end of what he and his team feel were rabbit punches.  Although Green beat the count, Byrd stopped the bout and Johnson was declared the winner.

To handle this appeal, Green’s advisor Greg Leon has hired respected boxing attorney Josh Dubin, who, in California, successfully overturned Timothy Bradley’s knockout victory over Nate Campbell to a no contest. The appeal will be filed by the end of the week, and the rules of the NSAC entitle Mr. Green to a decision within sixty days of the filing of his petition.

“A review of the fight makes it clear that the blow which put Mr. Green to the canvass, and led to Mr. Byrd stopping the fight, was a rabbit blow.  No question about it.  There is absolutely no point in having rules in the first place if they are not going to be enforced.  Now it is just a matter of asking the Nevada State Athletic Commission to apply its own rules.  That is all we ask for.  I have full confidence that the Commission will do that,” said Dubin.

At the time of the stoppage, Green was ahead on two of the three scorecards. Said Leon, “The fight was close, no doubt about that.  But my guy was winning and I just want him be able to win or lose within the rules.  He was hit in the back of the head at the end of the third round and then again in the eighth.  He should have been given time to recover.  I just hope the Nevada Commission hears our case fairly.  If they do that, I have no doubt they will overturn the referee’s decision.”

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