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Amir Khan – Boxing Trainer? – Video

Amir Khan is now just two days away from his showdown against Lamont Peterson. Khan, of course, is trained by the new Hall of Famer, Freddie Roach. But does he aspire to be a trainer himself and share some of what he knows about boxing with the next generation? In this video clip, watch Khan the trainer in action, working with a young boxer on the mitts and providing a few basic tips of what to do in the ring.

Of course, there’s plenty on Khan’s mind right now besides potential aspirations of training boxers. He has Lamont Peterson to worry about on Saturday night, and then he has a whole slate of goals for 2012, including a move up to welterweight and hoping for a fight against the likes of Floyd Mayweather. But it’s interesting to see him in there and taking a few minutes to offer a young boxer some instruction and guidance. Not everyone can say they hit the mitts with Amir Khan, and Khan gave him some feedback.