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Fight Camp 360 Ward vs. Froch Full Episode Video

The final episode of Showtime’s Fight Camp 360 for Andre Ward vs. Carl Froch and the Super Six Finals to air before the fight debuted on Wednesday evening. It brings us up to speed with the fight and the fighters, how their preparations have been and more, and now the fight is just 10 days away, and one guy is that much closer to accomplishing everything that he has set out to do. Right here, you can find the complete Fight Camp 360 episode 11 video, over 25 minutes in length, to watch and enjoy, and get yourself caught up on the pre-fight action.

Fight Camp 360 Episode 11 – Ward vs. Froch – Full Video

Ward vs. Froch is a fight with a ton on the line, and a fight with such two different fighters in terms of their fighting styles, as well as their personalities. It’s going to be a great one, and after years of fights, delays, controversies, momentum and more, the Super Six will finally wrap up with one man left standing as the champion. Enjoy the episode 11 Fight Camp 360 Ward vs. Froch video above, and keep on checking back with us all the way through fight night for more updates.