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Top 5 Best Canadian Boxers

Best Boxers from Canada

Take a look at the top 5 boxers in history from Canada. Canada has been experiencing a boxing revival in the most recent few years, but its past is filled with some of the best and most legendary names ever to lace up the gloves.

  1. Sam Langford (Career: 1902-1926): One of very few fighters who can even remotely contest Sugar Ray Robinson’s position as the greatest fighter of all time. Long denied an opportunity during a time of acute racism in the boxing business, Langford still beat a host of great fighters from lightweight all the way up to heavyweight, including legendary Joe Gans, Joe Jeannette (9 times), Dixie Kid (twice), Stanley Ketchell (newspaper decision), Philadelphia Jack O’Brien, Sam McVea (6 times), Harry Wills (twice), Kid Norfolk, and Tiger Flowers.
  2. George Dixon (Career: 1886-1906): The first black world champion was regarded as one of the true greats of his time. Reigned as Featherweight Champion during the last decade of the nineteenth century and shined with his speed and skills—a clear level above his contemporaries.
  3. Tommy Burns (Career: 1902-1920): At 5’7,” was the shortest Heavyweight Champion ever. Beat Marvin Hart for the belt in 1906 and registered a commendable 11 defenses (9 by knockout) before losing to Jack Johnson in 1908. Holds record for most consecutive wins by knockout for a Heavyweight Champion with 8. Also deserves credit for being one of the early heavyweight kingpins to disregard the “color line,” as Burns faced many black fighters.
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  5. Jack Delaney (Career: 1919-1932): One of the best light heavyweights from his era, Delaney notched wins over such luminaries as Tommy Loughran, Paul Berlenbach (twice), Tiger Flowers (twice), Mike McTigue, and Maxie Rosenbloom. Known for a great right hand, the former light heavyweight champion fared very well against one of the early great eras at 175 pounds.
  6. Lou Brouillard (Career: 1928-1940): Squarely built and powerful, the overlooked Brouillard was Welterweight Champion of the World and Middleweight Champion as recognized by the NBA. Holds a list of impressive victories over Hall of Fame talent such as Mickey Walker, Jimmy McLarnin, and Young Corbett III, in addition to wins over Bob Olin, Al Gainer, Ben Jeby, and Al McCoy.

Hopefully you enjoyed our list of the best boxers from Canada in the sport’s history. Names like Langford, Dixon and Burns could be one the best-of list for just about any country out there.