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Top 5 Best Colombian Boxers

Best Boxers from Colombia

Take a look at the top 5 boxers in history from Colombia. While not considered a boxing powerhouse today, some very notable Colombian champions and contenders thrived in decades past, and many, typically hard-punching sluggers, are still plying their trade today.

  1. Antonio Cervantes (Career: 1964-1983): “Kid Pambele” ruled the junior welterweight class almost for the whole decade of the 70’s; winning 18 title fights over two reigns. Won first belt by defeating Nicolino Locche-conqueror Alfonso Frazer. Avenged earlier loss by stopping the great Locche in 1973. Added wins against Esteban DeJesus and Saoul Mamby. The wiry Cervantes was one of the greatest ever at 140 pounds.
  2. Rodrigo Valdez (Career: 1963-1980): Suffered by having his prime coincide with that of middleweight legend Carlos Monzon. Valdez still compiled a great resume. Gave Monzon one of his toughest fights. Beat some leading Americans before notching a decision over Philly great Bennie Briscoe. Became the only man to ever stop Briscoe for the vacant WBC title in 1974. Went on to make 4 defenses before losing to Monzon a week after Valdez’ brother was murdered. Dropped Monzon in their second fight, losing a narrow decision in Monzon’s final fight.
  3. Miguel Lora (Career: 1979-1993): Clever, fast, and talented, Lora was one of the top bantamweights of the era. “Happy” was a defensive master with a productive run at the top. Won title from Hall of Famer Daniel Zaragoza and defended it against stalwarts Wilfredo Vazquez and Alberto Davila (twice), among others. Never quite made the most of his talent, but was clearly the top guy at 118 for a few years.
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  5. Fidel Bassa (Career: 1983-1989): Fireplug flyweight champ had a brief career and prime, but didn’t lose until his final fight. Beat tough champion Hilario Zapata and defended the title with a draw over the fading ex-champ. His pair of wins over future-champ Dave McAuley were absolute thrillers. Defended WBA belt 6 times.
  6. Mauricio Pastrana (Career: 1991-present): Recent body of work does not inspire, but Pastrana was once the top light flyweight in the world, boasting of a win over Hall of Famer Michael Carbajal. Also snagged a belt at 112, before weight problems had him venturing up to higher divisions, where he lost some of his effectiveness.

Hopefully you enjoyed our list of the best boxers from Colombia in the history of the sport, if you care to debate, question or argue, then feel free to chime in with a comment below.