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Pacquiao vs. Bradley photos

Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley Pictures

On June 9th, 2012, the boxing world was shocked when Tim Bradley took home a controversial Split Decision victory against Manny Pacquiao (ProBoxing-Fans.com scored the fight 117-111 in favor of Pacquiao). Right here, fight fans can relive all the action, from the opening press conferences to training camps, the weigh-ins and final press conferences, other events and of course, fight night itself. You can find a collection of hundreds of Pacquiao vs. Bradley pictures to see for yourself what the match was all about, and how it all went down.

One of the things that stands out from the Pacquiao vs. Bradley pictures here is simply how jacked Tim Bradley is. He’s as muscular as you can be, and he’s always in great cardio shape as well. Make no mistake about it though, he’s also gritty and has tons of heart, and all of those factors combine together to make him a tough force.

As you can see from the weigh-in Pacquiao-Bradley photos, Pacquiao didn’t looked as ripped as he usually does, but that didn’t appear to affect his performance in the fight. He seemed to be cruising, easily outfighting and outpointing Bradley, landing more shots, and landing the harder shots as well. However, the scorecards came up in the other direction.

Definitely a controversial verdict. One of the images above is from the Compubox punch stats for Pacquiao vs. Bradley, and you can see that Pacquiao threw more, landed more, and landed at a better rate. Hard to argue with that, but the judges did disagree. One thing in Bradley’s favor is that he was the aggressor all night long, and he also landed some very nice body shots too.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed our collection of Pacquiao vs. Bradley photos, including their fight pictures, weigh-ins and more. Keep on checking back with ProBoxing-Fans.com where we’ll be offering continuous coverage on the careers of both men, and any news about a potential rematch between them as well.