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Pacquiao vs. Mosley Photos

Huge Manny Pacquiao vs. Shane Mosley Pictures Collection, Fight Photos Gallery:

The buildup for the Manny Pacquiao vs. Shane Mosley fight went on for nearly six months, finally culminating in fight night on May 7th, 2011. ProBoxing-Fans.com provided live round by round coverage and results, and you can view all of the action down to the smallest details there. All told, it will take you through the entire fight, from its announcement to the buildup to fight night and the aftermath. We have over 100 Pacquiao vs. Mosley pictures and photos here in our mega-gallery, enjoy!

The Mega-Gallery: Pacquiao vs. Mosley Pictures

But we also were covering all of that hype and buildup, and we have gathered it all here in this Pacquiao vs. Mosley photo gallery, featuring fight photos, training camp photos, pictures from press conferences and other media or public events, and much more, as well as a massive collection of weigh-in pictures.

The fight played out how most people thought it would, with Pacquiao dominating Mosley, who wasn’t able to put together many combinations or pull the trigger when he needed to. Pacquiao started off slower than usual but then decked Mosley in the 3rd, scoring a knockdown. He couldn’t close the show though, as Mosley turned to retreating and holding in the later rounds. Mosley actually went on to score a knockdown in the 10th, but it was a bad call and it should have been ruled a slip.

While most fans expected the fight to turn out that, the buildup to the fight was trying to convince us that Mosley had a much better chance. He was looking good in training, he looked great at the weigh-in, and him and his team were talking a good game. Meanwhile, Pacquiao was putting out CDs, visiting Congress and meeting the President, and more.

All of these Pacquiao & Mosley photos will take you through the entire fight, the anticipation, the buildup, the hype, the back-and-forth, the training, the weigh-in, and much more. It’s a massive Pacquiao & Mosley photo gallery featuring over 100 pictures, one of the largest boxing photo collections we have here on the site. So relive this mega-event right here, and enjoy our mega collection of Pacquiao vs. Mosley pictures.