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Timothy Bradley vs. Ruslan Provodnikov was a war, and while everyone was anticipating the surefire Fight of the Year candidacy of Brandon Rios vs. Mike Alvarado II in two weeks, Bradley vs. Provodnikov beat that bout to the punch. Tim Bradley survived a major scare in the 12th round — and several others along the way — to win a close, hard-earned Unanimous Decision victory.

Right here, you’ll find a collection of Bradley vs. Provodnikov photos and post-fight videos to take a look at and relive the action for yourself. Enjoy.

Post-Fight Recaps

Interviews with Freddie Roach, Joel Diaz & Ruslan Provodnikov

As you can see, we have an extensive collection of videos here. Freddie Roach says he has no complains about the scoring, and it was a close fight. During the bout, before the amazing 12th round, he had pondered stopping the bout because Provodnikov was taking so much punishment.

You can see from Provodnikov’s face what kind of hell he went through to try to pull off what would have been a huge upset. He certainly believes that he had won the fight, and was pretty heartbroken and upset that he didn’t get the decision.

Bradley’s trainer Joel Diaz says Bradley got into trouble because he came into the fight with his own game plan, a personal mission to get in there and mix it up and make a statement.

Enjoy all of the photos and videos from the Bradley vs. Provodnikov results, and keep on coming back to for more boxing news all day, every day.

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  1. Pedro Ferdumbdez

    Best actor winner and wheelchairweight champion Tim Frogley got exposed. This proves that his previous wins against some opponents are not so admirable. He previously beat a Lamont Cheaterson who is now an armpit testosterone pellet user to revive his career, a faded Holt, and an even more faded Pacquiao. His win against Alexander is questionable because of his numerous headbutts. In this bout with Provodnikov, Frogley was all over the place and moments away from a KO. Good for Frogley, it humbled him.

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