Home News Brandon Rios: I might retire if I lose to Mike Alvarado

Brandon Rios: I might retire if I lose to Mike Alvarado

Credit: Chris Farina - Top Rank

Brandon Rios has labelled his rubbermatch with Mike Alvarado a ‘do or die’ affair, admitting he may hang up his gloves if he loses. The all-action welterweights will meet for the third time this weekend, following two epic clashes in which they share a win apiece.

“I am ready for anything Mike Alvarado brings to the table. I know all his tricks. He can’t surprise me this time. For both of us it’s do or die. If I lose this fight I may just call it a day as a fighter. I’ve been at this a long time.

“This will be the best fight of the trilogy, as it should be. No one should be surprised if this fight ends in a knockout. It’s happened once already. I’m not looking for the knockout but you can bet I won’t be avoiding it if the opportunity presents itself.

“I am so ready for chapter three this Saturday night. This is the ending the fans have been waiting for and I promise you they will not be disappointed.

“Our first two fights were exciting and have become legendary. I am proud to be associated with them and with Mike Alvarado.

“We gave the fans and ourselves the best we had to offer and produced spectacular performances. It was so intense and so close. All I kept thinking in each fight was ‘Don’t stop. Keep moving forward.’

“For this one Robert [Garcia] and I are working on using the ring in case Alvarado tries to run. The training method I am using is going back to the basics that I used in our first fight.

“I expect Alvarado to do what he did in the second fight, which is to run and move. He thinks I’m going to follow him like I did in the second fight. We are working on everything we think he will be bringing to the table, but this time we will be 100% ready for him.”

The tough and durable Alvarado, though, is of the belief that a leopard doesn’t change its spots and knows full well what to expect from the unrelenting Rios.

“I will not fight his fight. I am sticking to our plan. But you can bet I will shoot the works when I have him in my sights,” said Alvarado.

“I feel great. I know the kind of fight this will be. He’s going to try to cut off the ring and when he does, he’ll open himself up and when he does that I will be cracking him.

“Fighting Brandon Rios has and continues to be an honor. This is a trilogy fans will remember for a very long time. We are entertainers and our fight on Saturday will be the grand finale. I intend to start the fireworks early in the fight,” he said.