Home Interviews British prospect Tom Langford makes pro debut on Saturday

British prospect Tom Langford makes pro debut on Saturday

Credit: Team Langford

Prospect Showcase – Get to Know Tom Langford

Tom Langford, 23, will make his pro debut against Steve Spence on Saturday, September 8th. The Englishman made the transformation to the paid ranks just months ago and has been busy making the transition in preparation for Saturday’s bill. Now he’s ready to make a splash as one of the hottest and most talented British boxing prospects around.

The 23 year old stars on ‘The Reservoir Hooks’ at Birmingham’s HMV Institute. The event features many experienced boxers including Nas Al Harbi and Max Maxwell.

The prospect could quite easily steal the show come Saturday and has already created a great deal of interest. Langford had a successful record as an amateur, accumulating 86 wins in 106 bouts. Many fans are eagerly anticipating how Langford will make the plunge, as his busy yet technical style won him a number of titles in the amateurs, but wouldn’t necessarily transfer over as well to the professional fight game. Therefore, the new pro has been working hard at evolving that style to become more suited and complete at the next level

“In the amateurs it was all about scoring and getting away, not really standing and looking for hurtful punches,” he said. Of course, taking away the hurt from boxing at the amateur level is one of the strongest complaints of the current system.

“The adjustment is tough, especially getting used to the extra bodily contact and the strength aspects involved,” Langford said. “But I feel I will adapt well and I have learned so much and picked it up quickly so far, and I’m confident with my determination and drive to achieve that I will progress quickly.”

That robust determination is already paying dividends according to Langford. “Preparation has gone great, I couldn’t ask for it to be any better, I’m feeling fitter, stronger, sharper and all-round, a better fighter.”

In fact, he’s already been sparring quality domestic boxers and the highly rated Frankie Gavin.

“For this fight I have sparred a lot with Max Maxwell, Dee Mitchell, Terry Carruthers and Frankie Gavin. The sparring has gone well and everything I’ve been working on in the spars has gradually got better. I had my last spar yesterday with Frankie and was feeling sharp and ready. I have finished the sparring on a high which is great and just can’t wait till next week now.”

For his professional debut against the tough Steve Spence, Langford is focused more on himself and his own preparation and game plan, as opposed to trying to change his style any further.

“I am an entertaining fighter anyway who is all action without trying to force it, so basically I’m going to perform how I always do- concentrate on getting the result first and the performance will come,” he said.

There’s a quiet confidence that surrounds the boxer’s realm as he has approached his preparation seriously. Saturday deems to be a zealous start for Tom Langford as he hopes to spend his first few years coming to terms with the pro game.

As for Saturday, it’s just the beginning of what could be a quite zealous start for Tom Langford, who is brimming with quiet confidence as he heads into his professional debut.

“In the short term, I want to get myself out there, build a reputation and keep busy whilst learning my craft. By the time I’m 26 when I’m hitting my peak I will be prepared to start looking at titles both domestically and on the world scene.”