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Bute vs. Andrade II Results: Bute Stops Andrade in 4!

Live Bute vs. Andrade Results Here on ProBoxing-Fans.com! Lucian Bute KO’s Librade Andrade in Four Rounds!

The Lucian Bute vs. Librado Andrade bout was held on Saturday evening in Montreal. It was a rematch of their disputed and controversial fight, where Andrade looked like he had stopped Bute only to have the referee help ensure Bute survive the 12th and final round. The eagerly anticipated rematch occurred after the undercard featured more controversial judging, with the Ali Funeka and Joan Guzman fight ending in a draw. How did the Bute vs. Andrade fight shake out?

Bute vs. Andrade Results – Live Updates

The Bute vs. Andrade bout is currently underway. See below for live updates as the fight progresses!

Rds 1-3: Three rounds are in the books in the Lucian Bute vs.Librado Andrade bout. As expected, Bute is playing the role of matador to Andrade’s bull. This time around however Bute is standing put a bit more, and is unloading straight lead lefts and counter lefts into Andrade. Andrade has landed a few of his own shots and is trying to make the fight a rough encounter. However, after three rounds it appears that Bute has won all three, 30-27.

Rd 4: Andrade more feverishly applies pressure in the beginning of this round and connects on a few solid shots to the head. Bute darts in and lands a combination, then darts out. Then he defends against an Andrade assault and counters with an ultra-quick, pinpoint left to the jaw. The punch absolutely crumples the iron-chinned Andrade as it lands at the tip of the chin. Andrade was able to get up but clearly was badly dazed. With 15 seconds left in the round Andrade hits the canvas again via a body shot, and this time as he writhes in pain on the canvas he doesn’t beat the count! It was a left uppercut that dug up into Andrade’s ribcage, and he was never able to get up!

Lucian Bute beats Librado Andrade via 4th round KO!

Lucian Bute – Librado Andrade Recap & Analysis

Bute has been very public about his obsession with the rematch against Andrade following the controversial ending to their first encounter. That obsession drove him towards a quick and controversy free ending in the rematch, as he felled Andrade via a body shot at the tail end of the fourth round.

With this resounding victory, Bute displayed the full range of skills. He showed great hand speed and foot speed, as well as counter punching and timing. Plus, he showed power and resilience.

While the Super Six Tournament rages on and gets all the hype, one has to wonder after this performance… is the best super middleweight fighter in the world not in the tournament?

For Andrade, he’s still a worthy challenger to any titleholder in the division, however being knocked out certainly damages his reputation as the unstoppable, unbreakable fighter. For Bute, one has to wonder what big name opponent he will be able to meet. Perhaps a match against Allan Green could be in his future, because outside of him and Andrade, all the best super middleweights are tied up in the Super Six field.

Check back in with ProBoxing-Fans.com for updated super middleweight division rankings to reflect this great performance by Bute in conquering Andrade.