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Canelo Alvarez-James Kirkland pre-fight conference call quotes

Credit: Hogan Photos / GBP

Mexican superstar Canelo Alvarez (44-1-1, 31 KOs) and Texas knockout artist James “Mandingo Warrior” Kirkland (32-1, 28 KOs) participated in a conference call on Tuesday to discuss their upcoming bout set for May 9 at Minute Maid Park in Houston. Check out all the quotes from Canelo & Kirkland here.


“Returning to Texas has motivated me tremendously. To have the support form the fans and the love, is what gets me to train harder.

“You are always learning in this game. Going back to the gym to correct mistakes. Sometimes opponents are willing to participate. We are going to do our part and hope the fans are very happy.

“I am ready for whatever comes to my career. I fight hard; I train hard. Whatever happens, I am ready for it.

“We know what James brings to table. A very dangerous, strong, come forward fighter. We are sparring and training. We have to be more intelligent and be prepared come fight night.

“I will fight anywhere. As long as the fans go, enjoy the fight, and walk out happy, I will fight anywhere.

“Kirkland is a very dangerous because his punch is very powerful, very extreme. His punches come from all angles. But, mostly his power, he can beat a fighter with one punch. My goal is to fight the best in the world and the fans get what they want. Independent of the styles, I want to fight the best. We are preparing knowing what we have in front of us.

“People are talking and the majority believe that the fight will end in a knock out, that it won’t go the distance. But, I am ready to go 12-hard rounds.

“At this time, my only focus right now is James Kirkland. There have been talks of my next fight but right now my focus is on James Kirkland, there is nothing else.

“I am working hard, training hard, taking the tough fights, the biggest fights. And only time will tell and the people will tell. In the meantime, I will just be doing my job.”


“I appreciate Golden Boy Promotions, SMS Promotions, HBO and everyone sponsoring the fight, everyone that is backing this fight up. Thank you to the fans and the support that has been there from day one. It has been the motivation I need for the fight. I am doing everything I need to do for May 9 to get ready and I am ready for the opportunity.

“I have been preparing myself for an opportunity like this and needed to take time to learn more about boxing. I am prepared. One thing I can say is that the course that takes place should be a positive one and I never stop being in the gym, stop working.

“I am definitely encouraged and anxious. It’s not something I am proving to myself and the city, but to my fans. Kirkland is a warrior.

“If the fight was scheduled for 20 rounds, I would prepare to go 30 rounds. I plan on it being an action-packed fight, round after round. Whatever amount of rounds, I am ready to go all the way. I put in the work and in the training.

“I’m a fighter. I definitely feel like I have the power, will, confidence, speed, heart, and determination to beat Canelo. I feel I have the whole package. After my last fight, I have been putting myself in a position with my training so that on May 9, I can let it all show.

“This is one opportunity I have been wanting. This is a must do and a fight that fans want to see. I am prepared to make big things happen and believe this is my opportunity. This opportunity is going to bring the next best thing to my career.

“I definitely feel like I have a lot to lose and a lot is on the table for this fight. This is something that is destined for me-to take care of business on May 9. And, I feel like I have the right team behind me and supporting me.

“I am a force of nature that overrides. With heart, my heart is bigger. When it comes to will, no one has my determination. With speed, no one has my speed. When people ask about it, it is a fight you don’t have to worry about. Canelo and I will meet in the middle of the ring and that is where it will all take place.

“I’m a lot more strategized with defense, at the same time being able to move and adjust. The things you’ve seen me lacking, these are the things you’re going to see Kirkland advance and enhance in his ability.”