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Canelo Alvarez vs. Erislandy Lara results & round by round updates

Credit: Esther Lin / Showtime

Canelo vs. Lara Round by Round Results:

On Saturday, July 12th, fight fans will finally get to see how the Saul “Canelo” Alvarez vs. Erislandy Lara fight plays out. Headlining a Showtime pay-per-view event from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, two of the top fighters at 154 lbs. square off in this highly anticipated showdown. Right here is your place to be all evening long, with our live Canelo vs. Lara results and round by round coverage of the fight and the entire undercard.

Canelo vs. Lara Scorecard

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Erislandy Lara10910999109910109113

Canelo vs. Lara Round by Round Updates

Rd 1: Lara opens flicking several jabs. Lands a left. Canelo looking for his own jab. Not much happening now as each man taking his time. Lara lands to the body. Lara lands a lead left and then a follow up jab. Canelo hasn’t landed anything yet, I don’t think. Canelo a step behind right now. First round for Lara, 10-9.

Rd 2: Canelo coming out more determined to start this round. Coming forward with meaning. He lands a shot and Lara slips back, but just seemed off-balance. But Canelo presses anyway. Lara with a big straight left, stops Canelo in his tracks. Canelo goes to the body. Continues to do so. They wrestle a bit and Canelo lifts him into the air. Canelo swings and misses with a left hook. Jab by Lara. Another jab. Then a nice straight left. He could steal this round here. Canelo lands to the body. I’ll still give the round to Canelo here. 19-19.

Rd 3: Canelo misses with a monster uppercut. Lara with a 1-2, then a series of jabs. Lara circling around the ring and taking his time. Canelo chasing. And chasing and chasing, and Lara circling and circling. Finally 1-2s. Lara paws with his jab. Not much doing here. Canelo misses a hook. Canelo not cutting off the ring. Lara b ig straight left. Canelo walking in anyway. Round to Lara, 29-28.

Rd 4: Canelo comes out throwing in round 4. Lands a nice hook to the body, then a shot to the chest. Lara ties up and pushes off. Canelo goes to the body again, thudding shots. Lara keeping away now, circling in alternate directions. They get tied up. Canelo doing more body work. Lara pounces inside and clinches. Canelo has some swelling under his left eye, and a touch of blood. Nice Canelo round, 38-38.

Rd 5: Lara with a big 1-2 at the start of the round, nearly clipped him with a big hook. Lara now circling around. Canelo clearly frustrated at the movement, and Lara gives him a straight left for his trouble. Canelo responds with two booming blows to the body. Two more follow it. Those are vicious shots. Lara isn’t slowing down, but isn’t attacking either in response. Lara paws with the jab. Canelo with a 3-punch body combo. Canelo’s eye looking more swollen. Lara jabbing. Canelo misses a 1-2. Canelo’s round, 48-47 Canelo.

Rd 6: Lara looking to mix things up more in this round. Then he reverts back to circling, then clinches Canelo when he gets in. Lara barely misses a straight left. Canelo misses a left hook. Lara content to circle but not doing much offensively. A Lara left gets blocked. Jab from Lara. Left hand from Lara. Canelo with a 3 punch combination, then misses a hook as Lara swerves away. Canelo misses an uppercut, then clinches, and throws to the body as the crowd erupts. Canelo trying to steal the round. Close round. Could go either way. We’ll give it to Canelo. 58-56

Rd 7: Pace slower here in round 7 as opposed to earlier. That generally favors Lara. He’s dictating things this round, getting off first. But Canelo comes in with some body punches with bad intentions. Lands a few big ones. Misses a few bigger ones. Lara now cut on his right eye, he wipes at it and now circles. It’s ruled from a punch as action continues. Canelo digs to the body. Lara’s cut bleeding. Canelo jabs, Lara 1-2s, then backs off. Lara’s round to make it 67-66 Canelo.

Rd 8: Crowd going crazy for everything Canelo does. Lara not throwing as much here. A combination of body shots and that cut may be taking their toll. Canelo pressing and Lara circling on the bicycle. Canelo stalking and coming in. They clinch. Canelo to the body. Lara hands down backs away, no shots fired. Just creating distance. Misses with a jab. Canelo’s fans loving it. Not much here in round 8, but Canelo clearly the aggressor. 77-75 Canelo.

Rd 9: Canelo seems to continue becoming invigorated as he sees Lara fading. The speed and timing distance advantage for Lara was huge in the beginning, but isn’t there now. Lara looking tired, those body shots have to be taking their toll. Crowd loving it as Canelo comes forward and throws. Canelo jabs, 1-2s, and keeps throwing. Lara circles, tries to counter, but isn’t throwing enough. He wipes away blood from his face, then walks away with his hands down. Canelo stalking. Lara slips and ends up on a knee, crowd goes nuts but no punch landed, not a knockdown. Lara jabs. Canelo again, 87-84.

Rd 10: Lara just not in the fight enough offensively. He’s picking a few shots here and there but mostly moving. Apparently Steve Farhood has it 86-85 for Lara right now, so food for thought compared to what we have. Lara doing good here keeping Canelo at bay. Canelo swings big and misses. Canelo to the chest, then the body. Lara circling. Lara jabs. Lara pushes off, then 1-2s. Long distance uppercut from Canelo. Lara jabs, ducks, blocks a shot, and then jabs. Lara’s round, making it 96-94 Canelo.

Rd 11: Some feinting from each man to start the round. Lara jabs. Lara with a straight left. Canelo comes in, throws to the body, Lara answers with a combination. Lara jabs. Canelo chasing him around now. Canelo can’t get set here. Lara circling back and forth. But still needs to throw more. Canelo with a big right hand. Misses with an uppercut. Then misses a 1-2. Lara jabs twice. Lara flicks the jab. Canelo just walking after him. Lara lands a shot. Lara’s round here. 105-104 Canelo.

Rd 12: Canelo comes storming out. Pace is rapid-fire right now. Canelo to the body. Lara with a hook. Lara with a straight left and a jab. Canelo with a 5 punch assault with Lara on the ropes. Canelo presses forward. Lara with a 1-2 that mostly misses. Canelo lands to the body. Lara just walking with his hands down, they clinch with both guys tired. One minute left. Another clinch. Canelo to the body. Lara backing away, trying to stick and move, Canelo walking forward. Another tough round to score in a fight full of them. Round to Canelo, and fight to Canelo, 115-113.

This will be interesting, and likely many folks won’t like it either way!

Lara outlands Canelo 107 to 97 according to Showtime’s stats.

Official scorecards: Split Decision 115-113 Lara, 115-113, Canelo, 117-111 Canelo

Well, the crowd goes crazy as Canelo gets announced as the winner. 117-111, which means he won 9 rounds, is a pretty stupid card. But I do believe that Canelo won a close, hard to score fight. Lara didn’t do enough offensively in most of those close rounds.

Good, tough fight, and both guys acquitted themselves more. Canelo just did more of it. Which is how I predicted it, for what that’s worth.

Undercard Results & Fight Night Updates

11:54 pm – OK, they have taken their time, but the fighters are now in the ring and introduced. It’s go time in a minute!

11:45 pm – Fighters are making their ring walks now. Anthems have been sung. Fight should be underway momentarily.

11:35pm- Mares wins a UD against Oquendo. Main event will be next.

10:52pm – Mares vs. Oquendo underway now

10:30pm – Vargas scores a TKO victory, Mares-Oquendo next.

10:18 pm- JuanMa vs. Vargas now underway

10:05pm- Herrera-Perez has wrapped up. Waiting for JuanMa Lopez vs. Francisco Vargas next.

9:22 pm – Canelo reveals in an interview that he weighs about 170 lbs tonight.

9:00 pm – Hello everybody! The PPV is now broadcasting, and first up will be the Herrera-Perez bout…

Abner Mares vs. Jonathan Oquendo

Fast-paced opening round with Mares seeming content to feel things out, and Oquendo looking to get more work done. Mares also coming off the loss of course and the long layoff, so probably just wanted to shake some rust out a bit.

The second round begins at a slow pace with not a whole lot of action. Oquendo popping off the jab and looking for power shots here or there. Mares starting to go to the body more, and gets Oquendo to the ropes.

Mares hasn’t yet really separated himself but is investing more to the body. Oquendo working steadily and also the one forcing the action. Mares bouncing around on his toes and moving in and out, but you wonder when he’s going to turn it on.

Both guys trading body shots in the 4th. Mares has a cut on his left side, and I’m waiting to see where it is, it’s on his left eyelid right above his eye and has been ruled as a punch. That’s bad news for Mares. Oquendo charges in after the break and looks to do more damage. The cut is pouring down his face now as the round comes to a close.

There’s some confusion about how the cut was caused and it could have been a headbutt, but hard to tell on the replays. Mares more or less staying back and working behind his guard now, with Oquendo looking to get inside. Mares definitely worried about the cut. The fight continues the same pace through the 6th, with Mares beginning to get more active and do more leading. Doing a better jab landing and moving instead of just avoiding, and likely is ahead on the cards.

Fight swinging more in Mares’ favor now as he asserts himself tactically and becomes more aggressive, and Oquendo is either growing tired, less confident or both. For perhaps the first time in the fight, Mares is now getting Oquendo to the ropes and is getting off with his shots first much more frequently.

Oquendo has really been fading over the past few rounds, as Mares has assumed control of the fight. That’s not necessarily a surprise as Mares is definitely the superior fighter, but he hasn’t exactly been fighting at an all-world level this evening. He just took it up ab it, and Oquendo fell off a bit, and then the fight continued on its way.

Crowd restless and unimpressed as this fight really just tapered off and got stagnant. Hard to determine what to make of this fight, was it ring rust for Mares, growing pains as he tries to adapt to the teachings of a new trainer, or what else? We’ll have to wait and see, but he certainly deserves the decision here.

Official scorecards: 96-94, 98-92, 98-92 Mares

Juan Manuel Lopez vs. Francisco Vargas

Vargas seems huge compared to JuanMa in terms of their frames. He’s working behind his jab and 1-2s to begin things. Vargas moving ahead and JuanMa looking to pick his spots a bit. Strong opening round for Vargas.

Vargas gets JuanMa to the ropes briefly and looks to do some damage. JuanMa looking hesitant against a guy bigger and stronger than himself, perhaps his own chin problems on his mind. Vargas gets him back to the ropes and lands another couple of shots.

Anytime JuanMa is against the ropes it’s trouble for him. He’s looking to rally out and land some bombs in return, but it’s dangerous for him. He does get away here and he lands a nice right hook but Vargas isn’t bothered. Great back and forth action right now in the 3rd, JuanMa starting to look tired though. JuanMa definitely gassed and Vargas lands a big uppercut. Juanma wobbled. Big right hand from Vargas, and JuanMa is down. JuanMa survives the round but he’s in bad trouble.

And the fight is stopped! JuanMa is left on his stool after the 3rd round.

Vargas wins via TKo3

Johan Perez vs. Mauricio Herrera

Herrera starts the fight off as aggressor, coming ahead and setting the tone. Over the course of the round, he lands an overhand right and on another occasion a stiff jab, both of which rock Perez a bit.

Herrera continues coming ahead and throwing first in rounds two and three. Perez finding his way a bit more and getting settled into the contest, but looking content to counter right now.

While Perez is having his moments, Herrera still in charge. He did some good work with Perez against the ropes in Round 4.  Perez has a stronger 5th with Herrera laying back more than he had, and letting Perez come forward.

Herrera inviting Perez in once again in the 6th, with Perez obliging and looking for big body shots. Herrera looking for big counter opportunities now, but for someone who has had so much bad luck on the scorecards, playing possum and letting the other guy dictate doesn’t seem smart.

Perez doing more effective work in the 7th, with Herrera on the ropes. He unloads a bit and lands some clean shots. Herrera eventually turns him around but is starting to look gassed a little, throwing arm punches.

Exciting action in the 8th as both men lose steam but in turn are more willing to stand and trade. Herrera looks to be getting the better of most of these exchanges, throwing straighter and landing cleaner.

Fight is turning into a phonebooth style slugfest with each man throwing and landing big shots. Perez doing a lot of his best work when Herrera is on the ropes still, which Herrera continues to let happen. When he fights off the ropes or gets action to the center of the ring he more often than not gets the better of it. Two rounds to go and plenty still up in the air.

After Herrera’s hot start, things have been much more even down the stretch. Each man has had his moments in the final rounds, and things have gotten a bit sloppy. Tough rounds to score with each session having multiple changes of momentum. The two continue exchanging through the final 30 seconds of the fight. Both men hold up their hands at the final bell and seem as if they believe they won.

Scorecards could certainly be interesting here.

Official scores: 114-114, 116-112, 116-112 Mauricio Herrera


Thanks for hanging out with us for our Canelo-Lara round by round coverage. Be sure to stop back with us over the next few days following the fight for continued updates and aftermat,h including rankings updates and all the big takeaways from the Canelo vs. Lara results.