Home News Cecilia Braekhus: I’ll show that I’m in a different league than Retzke

Cecilia Braekhus: I’ll show that I’m in a different league than Retzke

Credit: Photo Wende

Cecilia Brækhus met with the Norwegian media at a press conference today in Oslo ahead of her Female World Welterweight title defense on Saturday night at the Falconer Hall at the Radisson Blu in Copenhagen.

Notable in her absence was the pound for pound queen’s opponent, Jennifer Retzke, who refused to attend the scheduled press conference due to a perceived snub by ‘The First Lady’ when the pair came face-to-face at a shared media day in Berlin.

Brækhus laughed off claims from Team Retzke, who had labelled her a ‘diva’ and ‘disrespectful’ for allegedly refusing to pose for a picture in front of the German challenger’s sponsors.

‘’Her team are completely crazy,’’ said Brækhus. ‘’When I politely declined to take a picture after a long day, I had no idea it would cause this kind of a reaction. I find it funny. I’m not a diva, so for them to say that, makes me laugh.

‘’I’m not one for trash talking, I’ll leave that to my opponents, but what I will say is I’m 100% focused. I believe I’m in a different league to Retzke and I plan to show that on Saturday night!’’

Said promoter Nisse Sauerland: ‘’It’s a shame Jennifer felt she was unable to attend today’s press event. However, I’m pleased to announce that Team Retzke will be attending Thursday’s press conference in Copenhagen. I look forward to seeing them there, almost as much as I look forward to seeing Cecilia beat Jennifer on Saturday night!’’

Also presents at today’s press conference were Norwegian prospects Tim Robin Lihaug, Alexander Hagen and Kai Robin Havnaa, who all feature on an action-packed bill in Copenhagen. Lihaug challenges George Beroshvili for the vacant WBO Youth Super Middleweight title, Hagen faces Karel Horejsek and Havnaa makes his professional debut against Tomislav Rudan.