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Current Champions in Boxing – Today’s Boxing Champions: names our own champions in each division in the sport, which means we no longer abide by sanctioning body politics and corruption.

We’re open and upfront about our policies and regulations, we do our best to put aside any and all biases, and we strive to put together a picture of the sport that most accurately reflects which fighters are actually the best in each division. With that said, here’s the current round-up of champions in boxing today:

Boxing Champions

Last Updated November 2015

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  • Heavyweight: Tyson Fury
  • Cruiserweight: Vacant
  • Light Heavyweight: Sergey Kovalev
  • Super Middleweight: Vacant
  • Middleweight:  Gennady Golovkin
  • Junior Middleweight: Vacant
  • Welterweight: Floyd Mayweather
  • Junior Welterweight: Vacant
  • Lightweight: Vacant
  • Super Featherweight: Vacant
  • Featherweight: Vacant
  • Super Bantamweight: Guillermo Rigondeaux
  • Bantamweight: Shinsuke Yamanaka
  • Super Flyweight: Omar Narvaez
  • Flyweight: Juan Francisco Estrada
  • Junior Flyweight: Vacant
  • Strawweight: Hekkie Budler

Want to learn more about some of the greatest champions in boxing history? Visit our features on the best fighters of all-time in each division, and our round-up of the best & most famous boxers in history.

If for any reason you see anything which is currently out of date, or otherwise incorrect with our list of today’s boxing champions compared with our divisional rankings, then feel free to drop us a line and let us know.

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