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Chavez vs. Martinez HBO 24/7 preview videos


The HBO 24/7 Chavez Jr. vs. Martinez series is set to debut as we now approach just two weeks until the big fight. Right here, we have two special behind the scenes videos on the Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. vs Sergio Martinez match. Each man takes you into his camp, talks about the fight, and tells fans what they can expect from watching the 24/7 series, but also in the upcoming match itself, what the fight means to them, how they’re preparing and much more. Take a look.

24/7 First Look: Sergio Martinez

24/7 First Look: Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

For each fighter, this match is all about proving that they deserve respect, and earning their rightful spot in the boxing world. Martinez knows he’s the real champ, but that Chavez has more fans, and more hype, and he’s sick of it. Chavez Jr. is out to firmly establish his own legacy, beyond that of his father’s, and prove that he’s not just a famous son.

The 24/7 Chavez Jr. vs. Martinez series will debut on HBO this weekend. Enjoy the behind the scenes video previews from HBO Boxing 24/7 right here.