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Video: Andre Ward & Chad Dawson interview each other

This is a pretty cool video from HBO Boxing on the Andre Ward vs. Chad Dawson fight. Called “Ward vs. Dawson conversation piece”, it’s a video of Ward and Dawson sitting down with one another, and talking about the upcoming fight. They are basically interviewing one another, and it’s a bit like Face Off, only without Max Kellerman moderating it. So it’s just the two fighters looking at one another from a few feet away and talking about the match.

As mentioned, this is definitely an intriguing video. Each man is brimming with confidence, and tells the other one about winning this upcoming fight, preparing for the match, how they view this opportunity and much more. You can see the respect that each man has for the other, but also that they are 100% certain that they are going to come out ahead. Very fun to watch these two interview one another, so enjoy the Ward-Dawson Conversation Piece from HBO Boxing.