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Cotto Post-Fight Presser Video After Margarito Win

Check out the full post-fight press conference with Miguel Cotto following last Saturday’s big win over Antonio Margarito in their highly anticipated rematch and grudge match. Cotto talks about his performance, what made the difference for him the second time around, whether or not he thought Margarito used hand wraps in the first fight and much more. Check out what he had to say and see how he looked after his performance.

Cotto had plenty to say in the post-fight press conference, as he took the stage with his wife and son. Cotto said he didn’t notice a difference in Margarito’s punching power from one fight to the next, but that you can see the difference in his face in those two fights, and that he of course wasn’t anywhere close to being stopped in the second fight.

He also mentions how he has nothing to say to Margarito and that’s that, his motivation for the fight, and on down the line. He speaks and responds to some questions in Spanish, but it’s mostly in English. As for his face, it definitely is bruised and cut up a little bit, but nothing like it was for the first Cotto-Margarito fight.