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Cotto vs. Margarito II Betting Odds

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Odds for Betting on Miguel Cotto vs. Antonio Margarito Rematch

On December 3rd, Miguel Cotto and Antonio Margarito will meet for the 2nd time in their highly fueled, intense rivalry. There’s a lot of stake for both men, and a lot of fans and boxing insiders have different opinions on how the fight will play out. That means that there’s also going to be a lot of betting action on the Cotto vs. Margarito rematch. Right here, find a rundown of the Cotto vs. Margarito odds, betting lines and more which are currently available.
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Cotto vs. Margarito II Odds

  • From Bodog: Miguel Cotto (-205) / Antonio Margarito (+165)

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  • From Sportsbook: Miguel Cotto (-200) / Antonio Margarito (+160)

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  • From Sports Interaction: Miguel Cotto (-200) / Antonio Margarito (+150) / Draw (+2000)

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Cotto-Margarito Over/Under Betting

On Bodog, the over-under for the Cotto vs. Margarito rematch has been set to 10.5 rounds. The under is at -140, and the over is Even. On Sportsbook, the over-under is also at 10.5 rounds, with the under at -130 and the over at Even.


A quick look at the Cotto vs. Margarito II odds and betting lines and many people might be surprised at the figures. Margarito broke down and stopped Cotto in their first fight, but Cotto is the favorite on every major betting outlet.

That’s because a lot has changed since their first meeting. Margarito has been caught using loaded hand wraps, 4has served a suspension away from the sport, and has also been brutally beaten down by Manny Pacquiao. Meanwhile, Cotto has rejuvenated himself a bit at 154 lbs, capturing a title there and scoring a few wins.

The biggest factors at play are that most people either feel that Margarito benefited from those hand wraps when he met Cotto the first time, and that he’s a shot fighter now after his brutal loss to Pacquiao.

However, many other people cannot simply erase the memories of the first Cotto-Margarito encounter. Cotto has suffered his own brutal losses, both to Margarito and Pacquiao, and hasn’t looked like a killer since.

Will he be able to stick to his game plan this time against Margarito? Will his change of trainers affect his performance and strategy? Will Margarito be able to stand up against Cotto’s attack? Will Cotto be able to stand up to Margarito’s? All of these questions and factors are what makes this fight such an exciting and intriguing one to bet on.

There’s no easy answer here, and many boxing experts, insiders and fans will have different opinions on the outcome. Cotto looks to be a better place now and should have learned from the first encounter, and he’s coming in for revenge, but Margarito knows he has beaten this guy and broken him down before, and will be looking for a repeat performance.

Whoever you might like in the bout, there are some good odds and lines to take advantage of. Use the links above to get some discounts and bonuses and then get in on the action with the Cotto vs. Margarito II betting odds.