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Cotto vs. Margarito Weigh-in Results, Pictures & Analysis

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Miguel Cotto vs. Antonio Margarito Weigh-In

The official weigh-ins for the Miguel Cotto vs. Antonio Margarito PPV fight card were held this afternoon at Madison Square Garden in New York City, the site of all of Saturday’s action. Right here, fight fans can find complete Cotto vs. Margarito weigh-in results, including weights for the main event and the undercard, analysis of what it all means, Cotto-Margarito weigh-in photos and much more.

Come back at 9pm Saturday night for our live Cotto vs. Margarito results and round by round updates coverage!

Cotto Margarito Weigh-in Pictures

Miguel Cotto vs. Antonio Margarito 2 Weights:

  • Cotto: 152.25 lbs
  • Margarito: 152.5 lbs

“Two guys who just looove each other,” Michael Buffer says. Right. This is a blood feud and everyone knows it, and there’s more at stake than a win or a loss here.

The catch-weight for the bout was 153 lbs, and both of the guys were able to make the weight without any worries. Margarito came out to a chorus of boos and jeers, but he seemed to relish it, and he had his share of fans as well.

When he stepped on the scales, he kept his sunglasses and his hat on. Portraying that villain look to the end. Of course, he won’t be able to wear those sunglasses in the ring tomorrow night, so everyone including Cotto will finally get to take a long look at that damaged and surgically repaired eye.

The two guys both looked extremely fit and strong. Surprisingly, they didn’t get into one another’s face whatsoever at the weigh-ins. They barely paid each other any mind. They hate each other too much to waste any energy or emotion now apparently. But make no mistake about it, it will all come out tomorrow evening, for sure.

Pawel Wolak vs. Delvin Rodriguez 2 Weights:

  • Wolak: 153.5 lbs
  • Rodriguez: 153 lbs

These two put on an excellent fight this summer, a Fight of the Year candidate, and their encounter on Saturday is bound for greatness and fireworks as well. They both put it all on the line, and they have styles that just mesh.

They also both have a lot of mutual respect and admiration for one another, but that doesn’t stop them for going at it with full force. Wolak was extremely pumped up at the weigh-ins, while Rodriguez was more calm and laid back.

Brandon Rios vs. John Murray Weights:

  • Rios: 135.6 lbs – first attempt
  • Murray: 134.75 lbs

Brandon Rios stepped to the scales looking skinny and gaunt. Making weight has been a well known problem for him, and even with stripping completely nude on the scales, he still came in over, at 135.6 lbs.

Rios will have one hour to drop the remaining weight and come back to the scales in order to keep his title and put it on the line in the bout. If he does make weight, he’ll need to do some serious recouping by fight time tomorrow evening, as he looks very drained.

Mike Jones vs. Sebastian Lujan Weights:

  • Jones: 146 lbs
  • Lujan: 146 lbs

Jones and Lujan both looked fit and ready. If Jones is ever going to be at the top of the division, he’ll need to impress here. He towers over Lujan, as well.

Jalen Rose MC’d the weigh-ins, as he has been doing lately with Top Rank. The crowd seemed pretty excited and it looked like a fun environment. Rose began by wishing a happy birthday to Bob Arum, and before too long the weigh-ins got started, and Rose turned it over to Michael Buffer so he can do his things.

It’s a nice, loaded undercard for the pay-per-view tomorrow, and everyone looks set and ready to go. Should be a great night for fight fans and boxing heads. Thanks for checking out our Cotto-Margarito weigh-in results from ProBoxing-Fans.com!