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Dawson vs. Johnson Results & Live Round by Round Blog

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The big Chad Dawson vs. Glen Johnson rematch is set to take place on November 7th from Hartford, Connecticut. ProBoxing-Fans.com is going to be ringside for the big event, and we will be providing live results of the fight as well as a round by round blog providing scoring and notes as the fight and evening progresses. — Full Results Below!! —

ProBoxing-Fans.com was on hand live at ringside to take in the Dawson vs. Johnson rematch fight. We have been live-blogging the Dawson vs. Johnson results from Twitter, and now that the fights are underway we are keeping tabs on the live scoring with our Dawson vs. Johnson round by round blog below. Take a peek at how the fight played out.

Dawson vs. Johnson Scorecard

Scoring performed live by ProBoxing-Fans.com writer Ben Weisman

ProBoxing-Fans.com Dawson vs. Johnson scorecard: Dawson wins by decision 115-113

Round123456789101112 Total
Glen Johnson99109991010991010113
Chad Dawson1010910101099101099115

Dawson vs. Johnson Round by Round Notes

Rd 1: Close round. Dawson lands more meaningful shots. PBF Scoring: 10-9 Dawson

Rd 2: Another close round. Dawson closes round strong. PBF Scoring: 20-18 Dawson

Rd 3: Dawson counters well but Johnson is the agressor throughout. PBF Scoring: 29-28 Dawson.

Rd 4: Dawson’s straight left starting to hit the mark. Johnson hits nothing. PBF Scoring: 39-37 Dawson

Rd 5: Crowd unhappy with lack o activity from both fighters. Dawson has a couple moments with combinations. PBF Scoring: 49-46 Dawson

Rd 6: Dawson continues to get the better of Johnson when trading. Johnson is landing nothing meaningful. PBF Scoring: 59-55 Dawson

Rd 7: Dawson’s lack of activity gives Johnson a round in which neither fighter did much. PBF Scoring: 68-65 Dawson

Rd 8: Johnsons jab is more accurate than in any other round. Crowd boos the lack of power punching. PBF Scoring: 77-75 Dawson.

Rd 9: Both men finally let their hands go. Both men land. Dawson lands more. PBF Scoring: 87-84 Dawson.

Rd 10: Dawsons power punches continue to be more accurate than Johnsons. Dawson’s jab is also effective. PBF Scoring: 97-93 Dawson

Rd 11: Dawson appears to take most of the round off. Johnson lands while Dawson rests. PBF Scoring: 106-103 Dawson

Rd 12: Johnson comes out throwing big shots and lands some. Johnson appears to be the fresher fighter late. PBF Scoring: 115-113 Dawson.

Official judges’ decision: Unanimous decision for Chad Dawson, two scores of 115-113 and one for 117-112

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Photo: Ricard A. Esposito