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Pacquiao vs. Cotto Results & Round by Round Blog

ProBoxing-Fans.com will be providing live Pacquiao vs. Cotto Results and a Pacquiao Cotto round by round blog!

One of the biggest fights and events in recent boxing history is gearing up for its November 14th date. On that night, two of the top pound for pound boxers on the planet will square off when Manny Pacquiao battles Miguel Cotto for his welterweight title. The fight is an exciting contrast of styles and has two of the biggest names in the sport. On fight night rolls around, if you don’t want to or can’t purchase the pay-per-view than we are your place to be!

We will be providing full coverage of the Pacquiao vs. Cotto fight, including live results and a live round by round blog! In the meantime, before the fight gets started, you can check out our Pacquiao vs. Cotto preview and prediction.

Cotto vs. Pacquiao Round by Round Scorecard

Pacquiao vs. Cotto Fight Status: Pacquiao and Cotto, for the WBO Welterweight Championship of the World, is underway. Keep checking back and hit refresh for Pacquiao v Cotto results and round by round scoring!

Round123456789101112 Total
Miguel Cotto109889999999
Manny Pacquiao910101010101010101010TKO 12

Pacquiao vs. Cotto Round by Round Results & Notes

Round 1: Round 1 begins with Pacquiao in the red trunks and Cotto with white trunks. Cotto lands a jab 15 seconds into the fight. Cotto seems to be pushing the pace more than Pacquiao’s recent opponents and appears very quick. Cotto looks a bit quicker and lands more punches giving his round 1.

Round 2: The fighters exchange shots with Cotto’s jab continuing to be his most effective attack. Pacquiao lands a nice combination midway through the round. Pacquiao’s speed begins to show as he lands several nice punches including a flurry of shots late in the round, but Cotto continues to push the pace and does not back down.

Round 3: Pacquiao scores a knockdown with 2:13 remaining in the round, but Cotto continues to push the pace. We see several more body shots in the 3rd round than the previous two with Pacquiao getting the edge.

Round 4: Pacquiao lands a flurry of punches but Cotto responds. Cotto is able to get Pacquiao against the ropes, Freddie Roach’s fear in this fight, but Pacquia escapes and returns the favor loading up on Cotto against the ropes as well. With 20 seconds left Pacquiao scores a knockdown, the second of the fight.

Round 5: The first minute of the round is rather uneventful with Pacquiao picking his spots. Cotto seems to be slowing down and while his jab seems to be his best offense, it’s seems less effective than in rounds 1 and 2. Pacquiao continued to pick Cotto apart to score another winning round.

Round 6: Pacquiao lands power punches at about a 3 to 1 ratio as Pac Man easily handles a slowed Cotto. Pacquiao is now the one controlling the pace of the fight consistently but a short burst by Cotto ends the round.

Round 7: Like in previous rounds, Cotto lands a couple of combinations that give his corner reason to hope only to see Pacquiao respond with devastating speed. It is clear that Cotto, while landing some punched led by his left jab, is not phasing Pacquiao the way Pacquiao is phasing Cotto.

Round 8: Cotto is showing more wear and tear with obvious marks on his face from the beating that he is taking from Pacquiao. Cotto continues to land punches and the announcers are quick to add that we now know Manny Pacquiao can indeed take the punches of a strong Welterweight. Pushing the pace, Pacquiao is able to get Cotto up against the ropes mutiple times. Cotto lands a few more strong shots this round than the previous few, but this is still a definite Pacquiao round.

Round 9: The announcers bring up Cotto throwing in the towel despite saying the Cotto’s corner was not having the same discussion. Pacquiao continues to push the pace trapping Cotto against the ropes and landing power punch after power punch. Pacquiao scores another decisive round. Between rounds Cotto’s corner says “one more, one more” encouraging Cotto to continue for another round, likely his last of the night.

Round 10: Pacquiao seems to be resting up despite pushing the pace against the constantly backpedalling Cotto. The first half of the round is evenly uneventful. The final minute sees Pacquiao do enough to take the round as he opens up the cut by Cotto’s left eyebrow even more.

Round 11: Pacquiao scores another decisive round as he adds to the beating on Cotto’s face. Smelling the blood, Pacquiao goes in for the kill but is unable to score the KO he seeks. The round ends with boo’s from the crowd as Cotto retreats from the bloody beating.

Round 12: Pacquiao traps Cotto against the ropes before the referee stops the fight with 2:05 remaining giving Pacquiao the TKO 12 @ 0:55.

Final Result: Pacquiao TKO 12