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Day 3 Olympic boxing results: Marcus Browne loses to Damien Hooper


In day 3 of Olympic boxing action, American Marcus Browne lost to Australian Damien Hooper, becoming the first member from Team USA Boxing to be sent home from the competition. Browne went into the third round with a points lead, however, Hooper came on strong. Browne received a standing 8 count as Hooper piled on the pressure and landed a series of clean shots. His aggressiveness and activity brought the fight home for him. Here are the complete day 3 Olympic boxing results:

  • Men’s Fly (52kg) – BRAHIMI Samir wins 14:12 WOODS Jackson Darren
  • Men’s Fly (52kg) – PAK Jong Chol loses 8:12 HENRIQUES NETO Juliao
  • Men’s Fly (52kg) – OTENG Oteng loses 12:14 CINTRON OCASIO Jeyvier
  • Men’s Fly (52kg) –  ABDELAAL Hesham wins 19:16 NJANGIRU Benson
  • Men’s Fly (52kg) – MAMISHZADA Elvin loses 11:18 NYAMBAYAR Tugstsogt
  • Men’s Light Heavy (81kg) –  ALMATBOULI Ihab wins 19:7 LAWAL Lukmon
  • Men’s Light Heavy (81kg) –  SANGWAN Sumit loses 14:15 FALCAO FLORENTINO Yamaguchi
  • Men’s Light Heavy (81kg) – BARKI Ahmed loses 8:17 MENG Fanlong
  • Men’s Light Heavy (81kg)-  ELMEKACHARI Yahia wins 16:8 QURBONOV Jakhon
  • Men’s Light Heavy (81kg) – HOOPER Damien wins 13:11 BROWNE Marcus

It’s a tough loss for Browne, although he certainly has nothing to be ashamed of. It’s just too bad that he had a lead and couldn’t hang onto it in the third stanza. Ultimately, this is why the Olympic boxing draw makes such a big difference. We said from the start that Browne had an extremely tough road, as Hooper is a legit medal contender. Browne himself is a talented fighter, and we’ll surely be seeing him in the professional ranks.

Stay tuned later in the afternoon for a more thorough recap of all of the Olympic boxing results from the day.