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Dereck ‘Del Boy’ Chisora to rekindle feud with Helenius this May in Europe

Photo Credit: Team Sauerland

Yesterday, Robert Helenius and Dereck Chisora aka ‘Del Boy’ met at the Hotel Kamp in Helsinki, Finland for the first time since their controversial fight back in December 2011. The 2011 battle between the two saw Helenius win by split decision even though many though Chisora should’ve won the battle.

Chisora is now looking to even the score with Helenius in May when the two will contest the WBC Silver World Heavywight title in what is for sure going to be a fiery encounter between the two.

‘Del Boy’ will be fighting since his last ‘Fight of the Year’ battle with fellow UK boxer Dillian Whye which was another contentious fight. Helenius on the other hand will be coming into the fight with renewed confidence following recent victories over Konstantin Airich and Gonzalo Omar Basile.

‘’I don’t think Robert took me seriously last time,’’ said Chisora. ‘’But this time he will need to train harder than ever. I’m going to take him to places he has never been before, and I’m going to stop him. I’m not playing around. This guy is in trouble. When I come back to Helsinki, I’m going to be in war mode.’’

‘’I’m looking forward to this fight,’’ said Helenius. ‘’Dereck is a tough fighter and I think we will put on a great show for the fans. My hand was raised after our first fight and I can’t see any other outcome this time. This is a big opportunity for me. A victory will bring me closer to a World title fight, and that is my goal.’’

‘’This is going to be the biggest fight on Finnish soil in recent history,’’ said promoter Nisse Sauerland. ‘’It’s a fight that’s been six years in the making, and we’re delighted to be back in Helsinki and back at the Hartwall Arena.’’