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Eddie Hearn puts $2.25 million offer to Carl Frampton to fight Scott Quigg

Credit: Lawrence Lustig

Scott Quigg’s promoter Eddie Hearn has offered Carl Frampton roughly $2.25 million (£1.5million) to face him at the Manchester Arena on July 18. The Bury star joined promoter Eddie Hearn in Matchroom Sport’s offices in Brentwood to confirm the offer which was sent to Frampton’s team earlier in the day.

Unbeaten champions Quigg and Frampton have long been on a collision course, and after issuing the offer to the Belfast man, Quigg is hoping that they can clash in a summer blockbuster.

Here’s what Quigg had to say:

“He’s now got 1.5 million reasons for him to fight me.

“This is the closest the fight has ever been, I believe he wants the fight but we’ll find out today. Carl – let’s get this fight made.

“There’s two fights in Britain that the public want – Kell Brook and Amir Khan and Carl and I – it’s a great fight and we need to make it now, it would sell out that famous arena in a heartbeat and would be a hit on Sky Sports.”

Cyclone Promotion issued an immediate statement in response to the offer in which they stated the event must be a co-promotion to go ahead, and that negotiations were ongoing.

Hearn responded: “It is not about Cyclone Promotions and Matchroom Sport, it’s about Scott Quigg and Carl Frampton. If Cyclone Promotions really need their name on the poster and Michael Buffer to mention them in the introductions, then no problem.

“They are right that negotiations have been ongoing but they ended last week when we hit a brick wall.

“We’re frustrated. Brook versus Khan has fallen by the wayside and we want to make sure that this fight happens. We’ve made Carl an offer of £1.5million to fight in Manchester on July 18. There’s no reason why this fight can’t happen and we are willing to put the money up.

“There’s no offer from them and all the revenue is being delivered by us. We have massive respect for Carl, he’s a brilliant fighter that I have worked with in the past. These are two great champions and we just want to see the fight; let’s get it made.”