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Freddie Roach questions Floyd Mayweather’s training methods

Credit: Chris Farina - Top Rank

Freddie Roach isn’t keeping quiet in the weeks leading up to his charge, Manny Pacquiao’s, fight against Floyd Mayweather. After Mayweather released video of himself doing some training in the pool, Roach wonders if Mayweather is scared of being taken to deep water by Pacquiao. More than that, he wonders why Mayweather would try something brand new, now, for the biggest fight of his life.

By the looks of the footage Mayweather posted on his Instagram account, it seems like the undefeated champion is underwater from the pressure of his impending battle with the man he has finally been forced to fight — Pacquiao.

“Sounds like we should start calling him Floyd “Flipper” Mayweather,” asked Freddie Roach.

“Team Mayweather would be wise to add a lifeguard to their corner on fight night because Manny is taking ‘Mr. 47 and 1’ into deep water. Swimming lessons or whatever he thinks he is doing will not help him survive the shark-infested waters he will be entering on May 2. I’m betting his little buddy Justin Bieber will be walking him into the ring singing [The Flipper Anthem].”