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Fight Camp 360 Episode 4 Pacquiao Mosley Recap

Fight Camp 360 Episode 4 for the Pacquiao Mosley fight debuted Friday evening on Showtime at 10 pm. This was before the fourth episode was set to air on Saturday afternoon at 2 pm on CBS, giving the PPV fight some last minute network television coverage and exposure. Just 24 hours until it’s fight time, so take a look at the wrap up of the preview show, and all of the up-to-the-minute coverage and behind the scene footage from Pacquiao Mosley Fight Camp 360 Episode 4.

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As episode 4 of Fight Camp 360 Pacquiao Mosley gets underway, we’re in Las Vegas, and it’s fight week. It’s Tuesday, and the fighters are making their grand arrivals to much fanfare at the MGM. Pacquiao says he’s done a lot of hard work in training camp, and he’s excited to be back in Vegas because it’s a big fight for him. Freddie Roach says in Mosley’s direction, that he’ll get what he asks for, and he might be sorry about that. Naazim Richardson and team Mosley talk about how Shane better get all of the accolades in the world when he beats him.

We got back in time a bit, and see Pacquiao cruising up to the Wild Card Gym in a Mercedes, with a huge crowd all around, and entering the gym for media day. Pacquiao answers all sorts of questions, ranging from fight predictions to whether he will go on tour to support his new CD single, and on down the line.

Pacquiao heads right to a band rehearsal, and we see Manny singing. We find out that right after Pacquiao fights Mosley, he’s going to have a concert at Mandalay Bay afterward. His team says they don’t complain because of how much relaxation he gets, and Roach at first thought, what is he crazy? But he loves how confident Pacquiao is about it.

Now we’re at Big Bear with team Mosley, and he’s in a favorite diner of his foregoing the massive pancakes and other tasty treats the diner serves up. Now he’s working the mitts with Richardson, and you could see he is practicing throwing crisp, hard shots, clearly with the intentions to land something that shakes up Pacquiao’s world on Saturday. Mosley says he is confident after doing all of this hard work that he can show the world something great.

Suddenly we are transported to London and Ricky Hatton’s gym. A robust, rotund Ricky Hatton comes on screen and he talks about how amped up he was to fight Pacquiao. We see video highlights come on, and wow, what a ferocious, quick and violent KO win that was for Pacquiao as we watch it play out again in front of us. Hatton says considering what Pacquiao as done since, he doesn’t feel so bad about it. OK… so what was the point of bringing Hatton onto the show? Moving on…

Back at team Pacquiao, we see a sign for a 9 pm curfew, some friendly but competitive card games, Manny playing the guitar, a few games of darts being played, including by Pacquiao’s brother, and generally an inviting, comfortable family environment. Wife Jinkee says that for Pacquiao it’s not a distraction, and he like to mingle with other people. She, on the other hand, says she doesn’t always like it, but she has no choice.

We’re back at camp Mosley, and he talks about how great the camp was, and how much unity there was. Cruiserweight champ Steve Cunningham has been in camp with him. We see some of the great work and sparring he’s doing. Then we’re back at camp Pacquiao, and Roach is talking about the famous $1,000 knockdown rule. Roach says that Shawn Porter almost got it, and he had Manny hurt, but then Pacquiao came right back. We get to see some training footage of Pacquiao sparring and training and then talking with a sparring partner about the brutal uppercut to the ribcage that he landed.

As Pacquiao-Mosley Fight Camp 360 Episode 4 continues, we’re back at Big Bear yet again. A big Shane Mosley bus arrives, and the camp is packing up shop. Cunningham says that Shane has all the tools to get the job done, now they just have to wait for fight night to get here and get it done.

In LA, Pacquiao signs a lot of gloves, and then Norm MacDonald comes in for a bit he’s doing for his show on Comedy Central, where he bets $25,000 on Pacquiao and then sees Manny is eating and not training, and on down the line, and generally regrets his bet. He says that he’s concerned since Mosley’s first name is Sugar, and people in boxing named Sugar in the history of the sport generally do pretty well. Pacquiao is cracking up the whole time and looks like he has a blast.

Shane is flying himself to Vegas via private plane. Mosley says he only flew one time before! But he’s with his instructor, and they take off, fly and land without incident, with a sometimes nervous sometimes giddy Mosley at the wheel.

With camp Pacquiao, he’s getting in a workout and then news come on about the death of Osama Bin Laden, and they all stop and watch and talk about it a bit. Then we see Jinkee packing up to go to Vegas, and she says she can’t wear black during the fight, because Manny doesn’t want it. Roach talks about how superstitious fighters are, and he will drive down in the same car, with more cars in a caravan following along, to Vegas. (Most fighters are superstitious, but Pacquiao seems especially so).

The mayor of Las Vegas comes on and talks about how crucial boxing is for Vegas. Now we’re back where we started, at the grand arrivals in the MGM Grand, and Mosley walks into a raucous reception. Pacquiao walks in, and he receives an even more crazy reception for his arrival.

Now we’re food shopping for Pacquiao and his team with his chef. He says it’s always chicken for fight night, and Pacquiao weighs about 142 lbs right now, and needs a lot of protein.  [Pacquiao must have been eating a lot of chicken all week, because at the official weigh-in, Pacquiao weighs 145 lbs].

Mosley is in Vegas and he’s getting in a bit of a shake out of a workout, but it seems like a pretty intensive session. Cunningham talks about Richardson using the pool-noodle looking tools, and he says it’s all about letting the fighter see how sharp and ready he is. Richardson goes on a funny rant about being at fight night parties and not to let people sit on fence, make them pick who they think will win, because a lot of people will be changing their minds after.

We flash back to highlights of Mosley-Margarito, and Mosley and his camp recall landing a body punch in round 1 that basically told them they were going to win right then. We see all of the highlights of Mosley laying the well-deserved beat down onto Margarito. He proved the critics wrong that night, and he wants to do it again now.

Now it’s Wednesday in Vegas, and Roach talks about slowing it down in training and really focusing about getting the game plan in. They don’t know what Mosley is going to do, so they have multiple game plans, and Roach is confident that if the main game plan doesn’t work, Pacquiao can turn it around. Right after Pacquiao’s training session, he’s at another band rehearsal, and sings a lyric about my fight, your fight, it’s all of our fight for Filipinos.

Mosley’s girlfriend Bella Gonzalez is planning to surprise Shane with her presence, and wants it to be all about him and supporting him. She looks pretty stunning as she goes out to meet him.

Another flashback as Fight Camp 360 Episode 4 continues, and we’re watching the highlights of Pacquiao vs. Cotto. Alex Ariza talks about how that was really the first fight where everyone thought they were up against it, but Pacquiao’s conditioning and abilities pulled through.

We move to the Showtime fighter and team interviews, and Richardson talks up quite a good show about Mosley and how they’ll win the fight. Mosley talks about how he can fight forever, and in his mind, he’s positive he can beat Pacquiao. Now it’s Pacquiao’s turn, and he talks about the fight. The two of them meet in a back room and sign posters and gloves and other assorted items.

Moving along with the fight week festivities, and we’re taken to the final press conference. Roach, Pacquiao, Mosley, Richardson and more all take their turn on the microphone. But we’re cutting to scenes with each talking about what the fight really boils down to, how it’s about out-thinking your opponent, and styles making fights, and performing, not underestimating your opponent, and on down the line.

We get a glimpse of the Pacquiao-Mosley weigh-in as Episode 4 of Fight Camp 360 is wrapping up. Mosley says he is the most dangerous fighter that Pacquiao could be in with. Pacquiao talks about being fully prepared. And now we move to full training montage mode, with clips of both guys and camps giving it their all in the gym to the soundtrack of a new Eminem and Dr. Dre song which the show plugs.

Mosley says Pacquiao is just another man, and a man that is standing in his way. Pacquiao says he loves fighting and he is ready to do it again, and it’s nothing personal, he’s just doing his job.

And that’s it!

Thanks for checking out our recap of Pacquiao Mosley Fight Camp 360 Episode 4. Remember, to check out our live Pacquiao vs. Mosley results when the PPV broadcast begins at 9 pm!

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