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Fight Fans Siding with JuanMa Over Marquez; Slightly

The Results of the Latest ProBoxing-Fans.com Poll

the fight between Juan Manuel Lopez and Rafael Marquez. As you might expect, fans are torn about who will win this contest, and as the fight looms, it’s recognized as one of the best match-ups of the entire year.

It’s the power punching and dynamic form of rising sensation JuanMa Lopez against the tough as nails, all heart, precision boxing of Rafa. Which fighter is going to win the fight? Here’s what some fans had to say (numbers as of November 1, total votes approx 110):

  • 54% JuanMa Will Win

o   44% by KO or TKO; 10% by Decision

  • 45% Marquez Will Win

o   36% by KO or TKO; 9% by Decision

Photo Credit: Chris Farina - Top Rank

What the numbers show is that fans are definitely expecting somebody to get the stoppage victory in this encounter. About 80% of all fans believe the winner will do so via knockout or TKO. But it could be either man that gets the job done.

Fans love the offensive firepower of JuanMa Lopez, but have seen him get hurt, rocked, and even dropped. Meanwhile, fans love what Marquez bring to the table, but worry that the battles with Israel Vazquez have worn him thin, and that he’s simply too old and been through too much to beat off the challenge that Lopez brings.

Regardless of who you think will win, this is sure to be a hell of a fight between JuanMa Lopez and Rafael Marquez. If you want to make your own voice heard, vote on the poll in the right sidebar of the page, and see if you can sway the results to your man. Check back in over the weekend for all of the post-fight coverage on Lopez vs. Marquez, and the rest of the boxing news and results from the weekend.