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Pacquiao Makes Appearance on Kimmel Before Margarito Bout

Manny Pacquiao made another appearance on his favorite TV show destination, Jimmy Kimmel Live on ABC. Pacquiao has been a guest on the show many times in the past, and has caused quite a stir with his performances on the program, doing some singing and taking part in various other activities with the comedian, who is a big fan of the fighter and loves bringing him on. Here’s a recap of Pacquiao’s latest appearance on Kimmel.

Footage from ABC

The lead guest for the show was actor and comedian Will Ferrell. Then it was Pacquiao’s turn, and before he comes out we see some footage of him punching hanging pumpkins. Pacquiao comes out to huge cheers, and Kimmel asks him about being a congressman, “why he’s not congressing” right now, and how boxing has to be more fun than being in the legislature. Pacquiao says its different, and also talks about his proposition to make Freddie Roach a Filipino citizen. Kimmel says he wants to be added to that bill too and become a citizen.

Then they talk about the fight, and Kimmel says that this guy Margarito is a cheater, and Pacquiao talks about how they will inspect his gloves, and that he thinks he will win but Margarito is bigger and stronger. Pacquiao also has a new cologne, called MP-7 for his 7 world titles, and that when he wins his 8th, there will be another version, MP-8.

Pacquiao says he is ready and feels strong. Kimmel asks, more importantly, do you feel ready and strong to sing with a special guest on the show? We then find out that Pacquiao is going to sing with Ferrell on stage. The two are sitting next to each other on stools and are going to sing John Lennon’s “Imagine”. Ferrell is decked out in an all white suit with a white tie, and the two sit in front of a white background. Ferrell starts singing and Kimmel uses some cheesy effects on the screen.

Then Pacquiao takes over in the next verse, and he gets some cheers from the crowd. Pacquiao has a smile on the face but looks like he’s taking it pretty seriously, and in all honesty, the Ferrell and Pacquiao tandem do a pretty good job on the song. They switch off with the versus, and then sing the last part together. Might not make the radio anytime soon, but it wasn’t a bad showing.

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