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Floyd Mayweather is right: Amir Khan vs. Adrien Broner makes sense

Credit: Tom Casino / Showtime

Why Adrien Broner vs. Amir Khan Works So Well:

Amir Khan is devastated that he missed out on the Mayweather sweepstakes, taking to Twitter to lash out at the world’s number one pound for pound fighter. Now that Khan is reeling he has to test the waters, and see what else is available.

A potential bout with Adrien Broner has long been discussed, including as the co-feature to Mayweather’s May 3rd extravaganza against Marcos Maidana. In fact, Mayweather has even made his thoughts on the matter official, by releasing a series of Tweets on the prospects of Khan vs. Broner. Here’s what he had to say:

I don’t have an easy fight on May 3, 2014, so I can’t over look @ChinoMaidana but @AmirKingKhan, if you and @AdrienBroner end up fighting each other on my show and you win (which you won’t)… I’ll fight you.

So how about it?

To begin with, both men have lost to Maidana in a way. Although, Khan beat Maidana in the ring, he lost out to him on the big payday that he was after.  Subsequently, Broner and Khan are now both without a dancing partner. It would be mutually beneficial for these two men to square off, for a multitude of reasons.

Khan is a big talker, and we know that Broner is as big as they come in this department. The two would be sure to have a war of words leading up to the bout. It’s a fight that will easily catch the public’s interest based on name recognition alone. Additionally, the fight can be made with limited obstacles, since they are both in house fighters with Golden Boy.

Both have looked short of stellar in their recent outings. These two men clearly still want the big fights, but there’s work to be done. Trash talk can only get you so far, and these guys need a boost to their credentials, and fast.

Khan had some impressive names on his resume earlier in his career, including Maidana, but what has he done lately? He’s 2-2 in his last four fights, and looked shaky in his last win against a washed up opponent. Broner is also in a situation where he needs to bounce back to maintain his reputation as one of the better fighters in the sport.

Khan will have to earn his way to big fights, not just bypass opponents hoping that he will get a chance at one. He has not fought since last April and was nowhere near ready to take on, or earn, a fight of that magnitude with a fighter like Mayweather. If Khan does take on Broner and passes the test, maybe in the future he will indeed get that shot at Mayweather. After all, no one messes with Floyd’s little brother.

Surely, Khan would be wise to not put his faith into Mayweather’s talk after this whole fiasco. But the only way to get him in the ring is to score a notable victory in a marquee fight. Here’s his chance. And while Broner won’t be lined up against Floyd if he emerged as the winner, he will have restored his credibility, and will be ready to either try to avenge his loss to Maidana, or move onto another big-time opponent.

Broner and Khan need each other right now, and it’s a fight which can work wonders for the careers of both men.