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Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. vs. Bryan Vera II results & round by round

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Chavez Jr vs. Vera Rematch Live Blog – Round by Round Results:

The highly anticipated Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. vs. Bryan Vera rematch takes place on Saturday, March 1, and will be televised live on HBO. On the undercard, a very unusual and intriguing match-up for a featherweight title takes place, Orlando Salido vs. Vasyl Lomachenko. Right here, you can find the live results and round by round blog for the fights. Follow along to see how it all goes down.

Does Chavez Jr. restore some credibility to his name, or does Vera simply have more fight in him once again? Does Lomachenko pull off the insane feat of winning a championship in his second pro fight, or does Salido teach him a lesson about the hard truth of pro boxing at the top of the ladder?

Chavez Jr vs. Vera Scorecard & Results

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Chavez Jr vs. Vera II Round by Round Results

Rd 1: Chavez, Jr., 167.5, and Vera, also 167.5, met at ring center, with Chavez, Jr. jabbing actively. Vera lands a few jabs flush. A focused Chavez tries a few right hands. Chavez working the outside, with Vera working hisway in. Active first round and Chavez lands nice hook at bell.

Rd 2: Big right by Vera wobbles Chavez, Jr. slightly. Chavez responds with a variety of shots–lead rights, lead hooks, and an active jab. But Vera is heaving himself into Chavez with passion. Big body shot by Chavez. Right by Vera, but a vibrant response by Chavez follows, with some nice body work at the bell

Rd 3: Lead hook by Chavez and a big return right by an active Vera. Vicious exchanges in the first minute. Some jabs by Chavez open up a big right hand that lands flush on Vera, who responds in kind. Lead hook by Chavez doing some damage and his cross is sharp. Right by Vera snaps Chavez head back. Chavez digs to the body with gusto. They exchange jabs and Vera roughs him up on the ropes. Close round.

Rd 4: Another big right by Vera. Slower round after a crackling 3rd. Hook and uppercut by Vera. He opens up and rakes Chavez with some shots. Chavez returns fire, landing a body shot an right hand. Sizzling right snaps Vera’s head back. Huge look lands on Vera’s ribs. Two rights by Chavez land at the bell.

Rd 5: Chavez mauls Vera with a monster right hand at the beginning of the round. Vera trying to jab and hook his way out of it, but Chavez’ straight right is the best punch of either two fighters. Another big right by Chavez and Vera lands a shot as well. Except, Chavez doesn’t seem to feel it. Good body work by Chavez, Jr. in the last few seconds of the round.

Rd 6: Straight right by Chavez bends Vera over. Difference in the power is just so vast tonight. Vera showing heart, just not putting a dent in Chavez. Another massive cross for Chavez. Vera responds with greater volume, but Chavez doing more damage. Vera, however, is hanging in the fight with heart and workrate. It’s just that the best punches are all being landed by Chavez.

Rd 7: Good action. Even first half of round. Both go at it on the inside. Chavez lands nice right at end of round, while finding home for some body shots. Close round. Still Chavez.

Rd 8: Chavez eggs Vera on. Then he unleashes a torrent of body shots. Vera now moving with Chavez in pursuit, as opposed to earlier in the fight. Great body work by Chavez in this round. With Vera against the ropes, Chavez opens up. Referee Rafael Ramos takes a point away from Vera for unspecified offenses, apparently for rough-housing tactics. Chavez digs in for the final minute.

Rd 9: Vera still has spunk and is throwing a lot of punches and doing some good work inside. Chavez quiet, until opening up with some more thudding body wallops. Chavez zings some uppercuts through Vera’s guard. Nice return by Vera, but Chavez is up for the challenge, returning fire with gusto. Nice right hand by Vera and still, no visible affect on Chavez, Jr.

Rd 10: Some nice rights by Chavez. Vera seems to be feeling the affects a bit. Some nice uppercuts by Chavez. A long right lands on Vera. Another right rains in. Chavez looking good tonight with excellent stamina thus far. A big improvement on the first fight. Vera responds with gusto at the bell, as he explodes on Chavez in the final few seconds of the round.

Rd 11: Vera still throwing with passion. Chavez showing a lot of versatility snapping off long forceful jab to quell Vera. A flush right lands on a defiant Vera. Chavez explodes with some big right hands that explode on the chin of an unfathomably durable Vera. Huge body shot by Chavez.

Rd 12: Chavez and Vera engage in one final stand of a highly-entertaining fight. Chavez lands a few right hands and again goes to the body.Vera, with all the heart in the world, seems to sense his fate. Chavez wisely using movement, while potshotting Vera as he comes in. Chavez incurring the wrath of fans as he employs a 4-corner offense in a lackluster final round that he still won.

Scores were unanimous–a somewhat inexplicable 114-113 from judge David Sutherland, and 117-110 twice for Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr.

Orlando Salido vs. Vasyl Lomachenko Results

Orlando Salido upset heavily-hyped former two-time gold medalist Vasyl Lomachenko by split decision in a 12-rounder of marginal entertainment value, Scores were 115-113, Lomachenko, 116-112, Salido, and 115-113 for Orlando Salido. Lomachenko came close, almost stopping Salido in the final round. ProBoxing-Fans had it 114-114.

Lomachenko, 125.25, opened by feeling out Salido, 128.25. A three-punch combo up the middle from Lomachenko  punctuated a quiet opening round. Salido, who had beefed up to 147 for the fight, banged home a few resounding body shots. He looked bigger than Lomachenko, albeit more sluggish. Still, he seemed to have Lomachenko feeling some shots later in what was a better second round for Salido. Lomachenko boxed better in the third, but Salido hung in there and landed some more body shots to keep it close. A tactical fight–Lomachenko not dazzling and Salido wisely going downstairs in case Lomachenko has to go long rounds in only his second pro fight.

A good 4th by Salido, who continued digging to the body, visibly bothering Lomachenko, who thus far, looks nothing like the -700 favorite as has been quoted at some sportsbooks. Salido seemed to ebb slightly in the 5th, with Lomachenko running off some crisp shots. Still at no point yet had Lomachenko looks to be markedly the better fighter, alarming for a fighter who was supposed to shine in the first half of the fight. Even so, we had it 3-2 in rounds for Salido heading into the 6th.

By the 6th, it was clear the fight was a bit on the tedious side, not a lot of punches in an ugly sort of fight. But that favored Salido, who continued barreling in on Lomachenko, surprisingly landing body shots with ease. The Ukrainian did some nice work as he moved well and ripped off combos in a close round. Some big right hands by Salido to open the 7th, with Lomachenko landing some decent counters. Lomachenko landed some nice straight lefts, but Salido’s persistent body work kept Lomachenko honest.

Good work from both, as action picked up in the 8th. Salido chugging forward with little style, going to the body. Meanwhile Lomachenko trying to elegantly move about the ring and box Salido. Both had success. Salido the more hurtful, with Lomachenko the more artful. Still, by professional standards, Salido appeared to be slightly ahead after 8 rounds, 5-3 on rounds on the ProBoxing-Fans card.

An ugly ninth round saw Salido again going to the body, with Lomachenko trying to work him with slick southpaw shots up the middle. So far, a major disappointment for Lomachenko, who hasn’t even seemed to affect Salido with his punches. By the 10th he was still in the fight, but likely behind and in unchartered territory. Lomachenko landed some decent shots in the 10th. Referee Laurence Cole missed some more Salido low blows. Still, Lomachenko seemed to be finding something in the 10th, with Salido palpably nosediving in the energy department. Salido still managed a nice right at the bell.

Better action in the 11th, with both men doing good work. Salido really drilled Lomachenko in the body, but the game novice returned fire. Still, Salido seemed to be bothered with the now-whipping shots of Lomachenko. By the end of the 11th, Lomachenko was on his best roll of the fight, narrowing the score to 6-5 in rounds, in favor of Salido, entering the 12th.

both tried to make a stand in the 12th, with the action a bit sloppy. With a minute left, some big shots from Lomachenko rained in and Salido was hurt! Atrocious referee Cole inexplicably steps in and gives Salido a break. Salido soldiered to the final bell, but just barely. Not a great fight, Horrible referee job by Cole, who allowed Salido to land at least 40 low blows, and a reminder of why professional experience is so important.
Thanks for checking out our live coverage of the Salido vs. Lomachenko and Chavez Jr. vs. Vera results. Check back with us later in the week for more post-fight aftermath and analysis, rankings updates, and all of the boxing news you need, right here at ProBoxing-Fans.com

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