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Floyd Mayweather still not “late” with fight announcement

Credit: Tom Casino / Showtime

Tick-tock. The whole boxing world seems to be waiting for Floyd Mayweather to finally announce his next fight. Of course, we all know the story by now…[checklist]

  1. Mayweather announces that he’ll hold a fan poll to determine whether he fights Amir Khan or Marcos Maidana.
  2. Maidana storms out to a huge lead in that poll, but Khan eventually rallies to win it.
  3. Reports show that in all other polls, including ones with more votes, Maidana holds the edge.
  4. No announcement has been made, and Mayweather and his camp have been entirely radio silent for more than a week.
  5. And so we wait. And discuss. And hypothesize. And over-analyze.


While it seems like we’ve been waiting forever though, it’s important to note that Mayweather still isn’t actually “late”, at least by his standards. There’s a little less than 11 weeks left until May 3rd, about 75 days, which is plenty of time to do a whirlwind press tour and then for both fighters to commence an 8-week, or longer, camp.

In fact, it wasn’t until February 19, 2013, when Mayweather and Showtime announced their new partnership last year, and subsequently named Robert Guerrero as his inaugural Showtime opponent over Cinco de Mayo weekend.

So we’re still right in that window where Mayweather is comfortable being, and considering that Mayweather-Guerrero was on May 4th, one day later than this year’s fight will be, it looks like tomorrow, February 18, could very well bring the big Mayweather announcement. If not, then, and only then, will Mayweather be “late”, even by his own circuitous, meandering standards.

Let’s be honest, we all know Mayweather is relishing his time in the spotlight, as fighters and their fans all clamor and beg for their opportunities at a mega-payday. Mayweather’s next fight announcement is looming, and you shouldn’t be surprised to see it any… minute… now…