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Formal investigation on Marcos Maidana’s corner being made after victory over Adrien Broner

Credit: Tom Casino / Showtime

Controversy to Maidana’s Big Win Over Broner?

The actions of Alex Ariza in Marcos Maidana’s corner for his beat down of Adrien Broner are currently under investigation after videos and photos have circulated online showing what could be Ariza slipping something into Maidana’s water, or under his nose.

Rumors have swirled that the potential substance could either have been some kind of stimulant, or smelling salts. The Texas Boxing Commission is currently making a formal investigation into the matter after so much has been written and said about the alleged incident over the past week.

Of course, the Texas Boxing Commission is one of the least reputable boxing commissions in the country, overseeing a state filled with more awful judging, refereeing and general mayhem in the sport than any other. The fact that they’re making an “investigation” into this only seems to indicate their favoritism for the “house” fighter. After all, maybe Adrien Broner won’t want to fight in the state of Texas again, so maybe they should appease him in hopes that he brings his antics and star power back to good ol’ Texas.

Ariza has already spoken out publicly, and repeatedly, on the purported incident. In an interview by Michael Woods of TheSweetSciene.com, Ariza said he was holding a piece of gauze for Maidana to blow his nose, and that there were no substances of any kind administered, nothing that would cause him to fail a drug test, nothing that should detract from his performance in the ring, etc.

And if you were watching the fight, certainly that’s an opinion you should share. Maidana began his beat down of Broner from the onset of the bout. He didn’t need any help midway through to pick him up or get him back on track.

We’ll keep you posted with any other updates on the controversy and what the findings are from the commission’s investigation.