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Froch vs. Dirrell Results

Froch Beats Dirrell via Split Decision!

The Carl Froch vs. Andre Dirrell fight has now ended. It was an extremely close match, that was foul filled and sloppy. Both men had their moments, but when all was said and done, the split decision went in favor of the hometown fighter, Carl Froch. See below for for results from the Froch vs. Dirrell fight.

Froch vs. Dirrell Results and Recap

In the Froch vs. Dirrell fight, it was clear that both men had their moments. However, not necessarily as you would have imagined it. On the inside, Froch would be expected to perform better. But it was there where Dirrell’s speed advantage paid dividends. He was able to land big counter shots and avoid Froch’s winging shots. Froch’s best punches were either counters or winging shots from the outside that caught Dirrell off guard.

Dirrell’s speed clearly made Froch frustrated, as he continually swung and miss. This led him to begin fighting dirty. He held and hit, and at one point actually threw Dirrell to the canvas, leading the commentators to wonder if they were watching MMA. Round 6 was perhaps the sloppiest round of boxing this writer has ever seen, with both men participating in just about every foul they could – holding and hitting, headlocks, pushing and pushing down, shots to the back of the had and more. Round 7 was more of the same.

After the 8th round in Froch vs. Dirrell the fight was even, and in the 9th Dirrell surprisingly had a point taken away for holding. It’s not that he wasn’t holding – because he was – but the deduction was surprising because of how much reciprocating fouls there were on both sides of the fight. Froch was constantly holding and hitting and hitting behind the head, while Dirrell was forcing sloppy holds and breaks.

According to the official judges however that point did not make a difference in the outcome. Over the last few rounds, Dirrell landed the cleaner shots. His speed was so vastly superior that when he decided to open up he landed at will. The problem for Dirrell was that he seemed more content complaining to the referee as opposed to opening up. By the end of the fight it may have been a case of too little too late, as despite his clean, hard shots he was too far behind on the cards to come out with a win.

The official judges scored the fight a split decision for Froch vs. Dirrell. The first judge scored it 114-113 for Dirrell, the second 115-112 for Froch and the third 115-112 for Froch. With the point deduction, ProBoxing-Fans.com scored the fight 114-114, as a draw. Regardless, the Dirrell vs. Froch fight is now complete and it’s the hometown hero Carl Froch that gets the win.

After the first two fights in the Super Six, it’s the Europeans with the edge. Both Abraham and Froch won their fights over former American Olympians. Be sure to check back in with ProBoxing-Fans.com for more coverage on everything related to the Super Six tournament.

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Photo Credit: Tom Casino/Showtime