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Taylor vs. Abraham Results

Abraham KO’s Jermain Taylor in the 12th round!

The Jermain Taylor vs. Arthur Abraham fight is now over! The first fight from the Super Six has come to an end, and an end that fans of Jermain Taylor are all too familiar with. Find out how the fight played out below.

Taylor vs. Abraham Results and Recap

Arthur Abraham knocked out Jermain Taylor in the 12th round of their fight. For Taylor, it was eerily reminiscent of the Froch fight, where he was winning and then was knocked out in the 12th round with just a few seconds left. This time, with about a minute left in the fight, Abraham launched a quick straight right that went right between Taylor’s guard.

The straight right caught Taylor right on the nose, flush, and knocked him straight down. Taylor looked out before he hit the canvas, and then hit the canvas hard and fast, flat on his back. For Abraham, the knockout win gives him 3 points in the first round of the Super Six. For Taylor, it’s another disappointing fight that he could have won but slipped out of his grip.

Taylor seemed to control much of the fight, however it was Abraham that consistently landed the harder, cleaner shots. Taylor constantly worked behind a double jab, however he rarely followed up with a big right or a left hook. Abraham blocked most of the jabs, and when Taylor tried to go to the body he got penalized a point for low blows.

ProBoxing-Fans.com had the Taylor vs. Abraham fight scored even going into the 12th and final round, at 104-104. However, many of the rounds were close and could have gone in either direction. As mentioned, Abraham would fight in spurts and land harder shots, but Taylor would control much of the round time-wise with his jab, work rate and consistency.

With the Taylor vs. Abraham fight over, the Super Six has officially begun. Abraham beats Taylor by knockout in the 12th round, and the rest of the tournament is now set to continue. After seeing our Taylor vs. Abraham results, be sure to check back for the results from the rest of the Super Six including the Froch vs. Dirrell fight.

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Photo Credit: Howard Schatz