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Froch vs. Kessler II preview video, and presser photos, videos & quotes

Credit: Thomas Sjorup

It’s fight week in London, with the highly anticipated Mikkel Kessler vs. Carl Froch II bout coming up this weekend. While we’ve been closely analyzing which man has the edge going in to this rematch, right here, what you’ll find are all of the quotes, photos and videos from today’s final pre-fight press conference. Take a look to see what was said, how the fighters look, and more.


“It doesn’t get any better than this… to be involved in a fight of this magnitude at this scale against a fighter like Mikkel Kessler at this venue…I could almost explode.

“I feel shaky and nervous but also confident and strong.

“I am so sharp. I will enjoy it, I will leave absolutely everything in the ring, heart, soul, guts, tears and blood if necessary.”


“A lot of people said I am crazy to come to London and fight him in his hometown because I have already beaten him once. But you know what, this is the fight I want to fight, I don’t see any bigger fight in the world right now.

“I am a man of my word and I shook his hand and I said I am going to fight you in your hometown and that is why I am here.

“I want to show him and all the fans that I am better than him in his hometown, too.  And I want his belt, I have never had the IBF belt.”