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Golovkin vs. Geale fight week quotes, video interviews & news updates

Credit: Will Hart

Over the past few days in New York City, there’s been a number of fight week events for this Saturday’s Gennady Golovkin vs. Daniel Geale HBO Boxing card at Madison Square Garden, also including Bryant Jennings vs. Mike Perez.

Right here, you can check out some video interviews and news updates, quotes, and all other kinds of good stuff.

Video Interviews & News Updates

Trainer Quotes

ABEL SANCHEZ (Gennady Golovkin)
“This is a thinking man’s fight, the adjustments we make in the corner will determine the fight.”

“Geale will get hit somewhere and that will change his aggressiveness.”

“Geale will not run, he will be cautious and use his boxing ability.”

“Nobody at 160 can stand the power of Gennady.”

“No one at 154 or 160 can stay with Gennady for 12 rounds.”

“Gennady would go down to 154 to fight Floyd, at 168 there are six or seven different guys.”

“They are say they want to fight him, they all say they want to fight him, different story about getting in the ring with him.”

“We started four years ago, I told him he would be the best 160 in the world
and the most avoided. He listened to me and doesn’t question me. He does his job and I do mine.”

“He’s never said no to me about anything in regards to his training.”

“There’s so much more in the gym than what we’ve seen.”

GRAHAM SHAW (Daniel Geale)
“Daniel’s come to win a belt, not just be another name on Gennady’s list.”

‘There’s a risk in every fight, Daniel is willing to fight 12 hard rounds.”

“Daniel must engage Gennady to win.”

“We’re ready for anything, we need to win the first two rounds and start fast.”

“Gennady’s a big puncher, but Daniel typically doesn’t get hit too often.”

“He’s tougher than people think.”

FRED JENKINS (Bryant Jennings)
“Anytime he’s been put to the challenge, he always succeeds, the harder the challenge the harder the fight. ”

“If Perez presses the fight, Bryant will be there to meet him. He will control the pace with his skills.”

“Perez is fast and accurate, we expect the best of Perez.”

“We’ve had excellent sparring, I’ve had to hold Bryant off until fight time.”

“Fighters like Bryant only comes along once every 50 years.”

“Bryant loves the publicity, it’s a dream that he has been waiting on.”

ADAM BOOTH (Mike Perez)
“We started 16 weeks ago, but took off four weeks for his (shoulder) injury to heal.”

“He’s the most skilled heavyweight I’ve trained.”

“If he can fulfill his potential, Mike will be a very special heavyweight.”

“His manager Patrick Thomas contacted me, we had a trial for five days.”

‘It’s possible for a Mike Tyson and Pernall Whitaker combination for him to
fulfill with his skill set.”

“Jennings is tough and strong but Mike has that and much more
elements to beat him.”