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HBO vs. Showtime Boxing Battles Continue on December 12

On December 12, HBO & Showtime Once Again Put Up Opposing Cards

Just when the boxing world is gaining some momentum, riding the waves of Pacquiao vs. Cotto, Mayweather vs. Marquez and the Super Six Tournament, the two biggest players in the game take another swipe at each other to everyone’s detriment. On December 12, there is a slew of big fights for boxing fans to enjoy. The problem is that half will be on HBO and the other half will be on Showtime, and the cards will be airing at the same time.

The networks simply don’t seem to get the concept very well. They would make more money and garner more attention if they refused to go up against each other. The whole sport would be lifted, and everyone would end up doing better. But instead HBO and Showtime continue to duke it out to see which one can hurt the other one more. The only real losers are us – the die hard boxing fans who are forced to miss some of the live action.

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